Donald Trump Election Rally, Dallas, Texas

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Thursday, June 16, 2016
Dallas, Texas
Gilley’s Dallas

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Dallas, TX at Gilley’s Dallas – South Side Ballroom on 6-16-16
The speech begins with a series of endorsers talking about America and Trump. The first endorser asks the audience about the greatest threat to America. He replies that it is currently the race of political correctness, not the ISIS, or the democrats. There is only one man who can take America back to track, and that is Trump.
Andy Win takes over the stage and tells the people that he was questioned before he came to this rally, whether he was scared of being labeled as a racist. He tells that he is a legal immigrant from Vietnam, who came with his family in 1981.
He says that America needs a leader who can act upon the problems, unlike Hillary Clinton, who does only lip service. The enemies of the country take advantage of weak immigration system of America.
Then, Congressman Michael Bourgeois came to stage and mentioned that this is the first time he has come to a Trump rally. The hails to make America great again. Senior policy advisor for Trump, Stephen Miller comes to stage and talks about the problems of USA. He says that the reason we have a country is to protect each other.
Donald Trump comes to the stage, and greets the people. He begins his speech by mentioning the problems of the country. He mentions that Obama blames the guns in the county for these problems. That is why; Trump supports the Second Amendment. Talking about Iran and Iraq, he says that the two countries are always fighting with each other.
Trump says that America owes $1.7 trillion to China and $1.6 to Japan. He tells the people that Hillary is going to raise taxes, but she never talks about it. Trump has won with a landslide in all his counties. He says that it is difficult to beat the democrats because the American Press is dishonest.
The gay and LGBT communities have started liking Trump. America subsidizes the military of Japan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea because we do not want them to have their own military. Nevertheless, America has to pay a huge price for it. Ironically, Saudi Arabia is a rich country but they do not pay us adequately, they are delinquent. Putin is building his military in Russia and he calls Trump a genius. Japan pays only 50% of the cost of military support. Trump questions that they should pay the 100% price.
Trump concludes his speech by mentioning that he will bring back the jobs, military strength, trade, medical services, etc. He says that he will make America great again.

Hear to Mr. Trump’s intelligent remarks, words, and phrases in the video below. These are famously called as Trumpisms by his daughter Ivanka Trump. Feel free to comment on the video after watching it. And, remember to put your share by contributing some amount. It can even be 99 cents, as this will highly benefit the charity for Disabled Veterans.

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