Donald Trump Election Rally, Bangor, Maine

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Bangor, Maine
Cross Insurance Center

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Bangor, ME at the Cross Insurance Center.

The video starts with the speech of Governor of the State of Maine. He mentions that he is a former businessman and he cares for his people and he is a successful politician. Now, America again needs a businessman as the president who I not owned by the lobbyists and who can take care of Americans. Young people are the future of the nation but we cannot leave them with a 19 trillion- debt. He says that we cannot just stay at home and ask for votes and that we have leaders who refuse to acknowledge the terrorism.

Donald Trump comes to the stage and starts his speech by saying that his old videos have him saying Japan is taking advantage of us, now its China and every other country. Some people do not understand why are the prices going up, but a few people do- they are special interest groups. The current politicians are not going to do anything about it. ISIS was formed during the tenure of Hillary Clinton and now it has grown magnificently. ISIS is signing up people over the internet and they understand it better than we do. He urges that ISIS needs to be depleted fast.

He says that he talks about China because they are the biggest abusers, and you cannot compete with currency devaluation. Every country treats us like stupid people, with a piggy bank. He mocks the paid protestors for not knowing what they are doing. He ridicules the Press for circulating his old golf picture and misleading the Americans about him. He agrees to Berney Sanders about one thing that America is being ripped off.

Talking about NAFTA, Trump blames Bill Clinton for the horrible pact, which ruined New York. He states that we have to be vigilant and tough with terrorism, and that the problem with free trade is that you need to have smart people for it.  He tells his people about Trans Pacific Partnership, which if signed, will be the next horrible deal after NAFTA. He laughs over the statement made by his critics that you must win the hearts of your followers by spending personal time with them in their house. His viewpoint is that they will lose all respect for him if he did that.

In olden days, if you spent less money and employed lesser people, you were called wise. Now, it is the opposite. Hillary is applauded for employing 900 people and spending $100 million, as opposed to Trump who employs 73 people and spent $50 million on his campaign.

Talking about trade deficits, he says that we cannot afford to have trade deficits every year, we will be ruined. He says the following things to be done when he becomes the president:

  • I am going to withdraw America from TPP.
  • I am going to appoint the toughest and smartest trade negotiators.
  • I am going to direct the secretary of commerce to identify every violation of trade, all agreements that countries are using o harm our workers. I will direct agents to use all tools under law to end these abuses.
  • I am going to tell our NAFTA partners that we are going to renegotiate the terms in the favor of our workers. If they don’t agree, I will submit a notice that America intends to withdraw from NAFTA.
  • I am going to instruct to label China a currency manipulator. It should have been done years ago. Any country who devalues its currency will be given sharp treatment.
  • I am going to instruct US trade representative, to bring trade cases against China in this country and at WTO. If China does not stop its illegal activities, including its theft of USA’s trade secrets, I will employ all my powers under the law, to stop them.

Trump concludes his speech by promising to take care of second amendment, Obamacare, borders of America, the Mexican border wall, military, healthcare, education, and veterans. He gives his word to make America great again.

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