Donald Trump Election Rally, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Sunday, May 1, 2016
Fort Wayne, Indiana,
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Fort Wayne, IN at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.
Presidential candidate, Donald Trump starts his speech by quoting statistics of Fort Wayne, which has lost 1 in 4 jobs since NAFTA came into existence. Steel used to be manufactured in Indiana, but no more. He says that the republican system is rigged by leaders like crooked Hillary. He says that his competitors are hanging by their fingernails, and that they are bound to lose. He says that Ted Cruz lies with a Bible in his hands.
Trump says that he endorsed presidential candidates 7-8 years ago but nothing worked. Thus, he decided to do the job himself. He says that he has launched a movement for which, he has not taken a single penny from anyone. He is self-funded.
He is endorsed by people from different sectors, including military. He is strong on business and nobody can compete with him. He says that America is hopeless if Hillary comes to power. She has no strength or energy to make America great again.
America has a trade deficit of $500 billion. He says that he is not angry at the countries who take advantage of America like china, Vietnam, etc. However, he is very angry with the leaders of America. He mentions Cruz when his wife said that he is an immigrant. Trump mocks that he also said the same thing about Cruz long ago.
Trump says that he is a great businessperson and he converted his $1 million loan into $10 billion Company. He says that he loves everybody he defeats. He mocks at Carl Rove by quoting statements from him on TV.
He mentions Berney Sanders who said that Hillary suffers from bad judgment. He quotes Bobby Knight by saying that he has won three championships for America and he is endorsing Trump.
Stating the case of AC manufacturer, Carrier, he says that if the company wants to sell in America after he wins, they will have to pay 35% taxes. Presently, the American leaders do not charge anyone who destroys their economy. Japan is proud of its products and they do not buy anything from others to support their economy.
He also mentions that America is protecting economic behemoths for peanuts.
He says that America is poisoned by Heroine supplied by other countries across the border. And, when Trump talks about several issues, he is mocked in negative ads on TV, as much as 55,000. Still, he is winning.

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