Donald Trump Election Rally, Lynden, Washington

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Saturday, May 07, 2016
Lynden, WA
Northwest Washington Fair and Event Center

Senator Don Benton, state director for Trump for president campaign, takes over the stage before Donald Trump comes. He asks questions to the audience about the problems of America like illegal immigration. He says it is not enough to vote for trump. He insists that people must check for that republican box on the envelope. He also urges his audience that among the total 1237 delegates, 41 delegates from Washington must go to Trump. He also asks the audience to call their friends and relatives and insist them to vote for Trump.
When Trump takes over the stage, he mentions that owing to his continuing victory in various states, he did not need to come to Washington that day but he did not want to disappoint his people. He says that we have broken all records of victory even before we finished.
He says that Charles Krauthammer once said that Donald Trump will never win. Governor Rick Perry once said that he is a cancer to the Republican Party but now he endorsed him a few days ago along with Rand Paul and Dr. Ben Carson. Mike Huckabee’s daughter talks good things about trump. He says that he is winning with all categories of people, including Evangelicos, which is particularly important to him.
Talking about Jeb Bush, Trump says that he signed a pledge that he would honor the President of America, whoever it is. But, he did not honor it. Different people had put in 168 million dollars in his bank account, which would have controlled him.
Millions of people, who never voted in their life, have voted this time. 23 million people watched the debate on CNN, which biggest the ever audience for the channel. Trump mentions that he will build the wall on the Mexican border no matter what. It will be a huge wall with a door in it so that only legal immigrants can come in America. Illlgal immigration in Washington is costing the taxpayers 2.7 billion a year. Washington has received a large number of Syrian Refuges. He says that he is not against them but we should build safe havens for them right there. But, we cannot bring them in here. He says that New Hampshire looks very beautiful but is poisoned by heroine. Paris was attacked by terrorists who entered the country in the name of immigrants.
Trump calls Elizabeth Warren goofy, since she is dishonest and a friend of crooked Hillary. He says that more than 23% of timber and construction jobs have gone because of bad trade deals in America. No one buys timber from us, and even if they do, we have to pay taxes for it. NAFTA was signed by Clinton, which has proved disastrous for America.
He says that Obama lost trillions of dollars and thousands of lives in the Middle East because of his bad decisions and he did not even take oil from there. And now, ISIS has captured the oil.
Trump once said that Saddam Hussain killed terrorists, even though he was a bad man. But, trump was quoted by the media that he supported Saddam Hussain. He says that the media is very dishonest. He says that he will place solid, conservative judges in the courts.
He again quotes Hilary saying that she is married to a man who is worse to women, i.e. Bill Clinton. He was impeached because he lied. He said that he did not have sex with a woman and later he apologized, saying that he was guilty. Now she has spent $90 million worth of hit ads on trump and women. Trump says that the big question is whether she will get away with the email scandal. In West Virginia, she said that she would get the minors out of business. But, trump said that he will retain them and he won.
Concluding his speech, trump says that he is going to win with the military, education, trade, and health. And he is going to repeal Obamacare, save and cherish the second amendment. He will make America great again.

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