Donald Trump Election Rally, Eugene, Oregon

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Friday, May 6, 2016
Eugene, Oregon,
Lane Events Convention Center

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Eugene, OR at Lane Events Convention Center at the Fair.
Donald Trump starts his speech by making a mention of Bobby Knight, Indiana University basketball coach. He praises Knight a lot for the help he extended to Trump in Indiana. Trump tells the audience that Knight called him last year in June and asked him to run for President. Many other people also endorsed Trump along with Knight. Trump mentions Charles Krauthammer and says that he is very average as a person. He had earlier said for Trump that he had no reason to run for President, but now Trump has proved it that he can win with all categories.
Trump says that he does not use Teleprompters. He uses only statistics to quote facts. Still, if he commits a mistake, media does not spare him. Talking about Hillary Clinton, he calls her crooked and her friend Elizabeth Warren, goofy. He says that Elizabeth is only 5% Native American. He says that Hillary has spent more than $90 million in negative against him but it has done more good to him than harm. Most of them were untrue, because sometimes they caught him too, and he laughs over it.
Trump says that no one respects women than him, but Hillary claims that he does not. Bill Clinton was worse with women and Hillary did nasty things with women with whom bill Clinton had affairs. In addition, the trade deficit of America increased to 40% when she was the Secretary of State.
Trump says that Lindsey Graham knows less about the military than his 10-year-old son. Graham claims that he has more experience fighting with ISIS. However, Trump laughs over it, he says that Graham will keep fighting with ISIS since they cannot win. When Trump was in debate with Graham on CNN, the channel had 24 million viewers for that debate. It was the largest audience the channel ever had on a single day. He says that he might be criticized for bragging but he only stated the truth.
Trump says that he did the show with Megyn Kelly, but he did not look good on it. He smirks that the host might have set him up because looks are very important for him. Trump says that he loves hecklers and that his own people are sometimes worse than hecklers.
Talking about the economy, he says that Oregon lost 3/4th of its timber mills since 1980. Now there are issues like soaring poverty, joblessness. He promises that he will bring back the jobs for America. Mentioning NAFTA, he says that it was a disaster for the country.
He promises that he will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it. China has built a 13,000-mile-wall, but America needs only 1,000-mile-wall. America has had very incompetent leaders. In order to choose competent leaders, Trump urges he audience to go out and vote the coming week.
He mentions that Jebb Bush, a low energy guy, bashed him. Bush signed a pledge that he will endorse him but he dishonored that pledge. But, later he came up and endorsed Trump. Similarly, Lindsey Graham signed the pledge because he wanted Trump to sign it. Now, Trump abides by it and they dishonor it because they are all politicians.
Trump says that his only aim is to unify people. And more people are voting in the primaries than ever before in history. He says that he is a conservative person but many people do not think so. Again, talking about Hillary he says that she is going to be a tool of the Wall Street, but not he because he is self funded. He says that in some way, he does not want Hillary to lose because he wants her to be the last person he will win against.
Citing an example of Japan, he tells people that Japan charges 38% tax for the beef it imports from America. And America charges practically nothing for the cars they import from Japan.
He mentions the time when General Raymond T. Odierno was on TV and he said that America was ill prepared for any military attack. Trump condemns the statement saying that military Generals should not say such things on TV. He assures that he will rebuild the military.
Trump says that America does not win anymore with military, education, healthcare, veterans, or any other thing. He says that he will repeal Common Core and make education local. He will also repeal Obamacare. Concluding his speech, he says that we will make America great again.

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