Donald Trump Election Rally, Charleston, West Virginia

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Thursday, May 5, 2016
Charleston, West Virginia,
Charleston Civic Center.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally at Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia.
Donald Trump speaks to a massive crowd in Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, West Virginia. He mentions about his winning the primaries and how he had enjoyed the campaign. He states that he has been thinking of the miners’ plight and wants to bring them back to work again. Ridiculing Hillary about her statement that she would put the miners out of business, Trump promises that he is going to change everything and let the miners stay and work again.
Trump laments about how the jobs in the country have gone to countries like Mexico, China, Japan and other countries. He mentions his winning in states like Indiana, Connecticut, New York and others by a landslide in spite of the negative ads, which chant the words ‘Never Trump’. He compares his winning to a boxing match, where you just knock out the opponent and not worry about the judges. Trump thanks Bobby Knight for supporting him in Indiana and the border patrol who have not endorsed anyone before now.
Trump says that in spite of the bad press he has received so far, he has won the votes of men, women, African Americans and ever y other category. He mentions raising money for the general elections in November and how the democrats had planned to get 2 billion.
Trump asks the people to make him win, so he can make the country great again. He claims that the West Virginia coal association has endorsed him. He talks about how he can make things better than ever before, if elected in relation to trade, border, jobs and building a wall on the Mexican border. When he asks who is going to pay for building the wall, the crowd shouts, ‘Mexico’.
Trump is worried that the country is in big trouble and vows that he would stop the crisis. He says that he has hit a nerve by talking about illegal immigration and trade, which he claims as hitting the pot of gold, even if he is not proud about the situation.
Speaking on the NAFTA deal done during Clinton administration, he laments that what he calls as worst piece of economic development, the deal had made the country lose most of its manufacturing business, which had reduced by 50 percent from what it was a decade back. He talks about how people had not received a rise in pay and their taking up two jobs to deal with the situation. He states that the system is badly broken, and neither Hillary nor Sanders know what to do about it, but that he does.
Speaking on how factories such as Carrier, Ford, Nabisco and others have left the country taking the jobs elsewhere, he says that he knows how to deal with the situation. He states that he would ask them to pay 35 percent tax for every item that they bring into the country. He maintains that he would allow free trade only when there are smart and honest leaders working for the country. Trump then talks about how countries like China, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam and others are draining the county, which is losing billions of dollars doing trade with them.
Trump wants to make the balance equal again by rebuilding the country’s infrastructure. He says that the country’s roads, bridges and airports are like those in the Third World countries, while China, Saudi Arabia and Japan have excellent infrastructure. Trump mocks Obama’s vacation in Hawaii via a Boeing flight, and how Obama had talked about saving carbon footprint, when he himself was flouting the rules.
Concluding the speech, Trump mentions about voting in November and how he was going to make America great again. He talks about winning with the military, illegal immigrants, fighting ISIS, making the education system local, and repealing and replacing Obama care.
He wants to protect the second amendment, which is under siege and build strong borders for the country, so people can enter into it only legally. Saying that he was going make smart deals, remove political hacks, and bring back the economy and trade to the country, Trump thanks West Virginia people for their support, and asks the miners to get ready to go to work again.

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