Donald Trump Election Rally, Billings, Montana

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Friday, May 27, 2016
Billings, MT
Rimrock Auto Arena

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally at Rimrock Auto Arena, MetraPark in Billings, Montana
Donald Trump begins his speech to a packed arena at Metrapark in Billings Montana. He thanks the people saying that Montana is a great spot for hunting. He mentions how NRA had endorsed him the previous week, and promises that he would protect the second amendment hundred percent. He declares that he would not allow crooked Hillary to abolish the second amendment. Trump mentions how the media are a dishonest lot and that they did not believe he would run for president. He says that he has won the nomination and was going to make America great again with the big movement he had created.
Trump wants tough, smart and vigilant leadership, so America comes first always. He states that he would not allow people coming into the country without papers, like the Syrian refugees who were pouring into the country and into Europe. He says the country is in enough trouble already that it did not have to deal with the illegal immigrants too.
Trump wants to build safe zones in gulf and have the Gulf States pay for the safe zone. He mentions that the system is rigged and in spite of it, he had won landslide victories. Trump says he was surprised about how quickly he had won in all the states, and wants to win with the women more, as he was already a big success with the men.
Trump explains that as Montana has always been a Republican stronghold, he wants to focus on the other 15 states including California and New York, to ensure a win with a big margin. He comments on how he had fought against senators, governors and great people like Ben Carson and had come out victorious. He says he is the candidate who had spent the least, but won the most.
Trump then talks about the issues Montana is facing. He claims that according to statistics, Montana had lost one in eight manufacturing jobs, since Clinton had allowed China to be a part of world trade organization. He claims that NAFTA was the worst ever deal signed, as it had wiped out vast areas of the nation. He talks about companies like Nabisco, carrier and Ford, which had shifted from the country, and making people here jobless. He states that he was not allowing this to happen again.
He wants to make smart deals, so that other countries would not be calling America stupid anymore. Talking about Ford Company shifting its plant to Mexico, he says Mexico will become the car capital soon. Trump then talks about how illegal immigrants get more money than Americans in family welfare and that it was going to end now. He wants to build a big powerful wall and let people through it, only legally.
He mentions about the assault on police, which has increased by 25 percent and the number of homicides going up by 50 percent. He says the police are being mistreated for the odd bad occurrence that happens, which outshines the positive things they do. Trump speaks about how drugs were being brought into the country and that he would get the people off from the clutches of drugs by making the border strong.
Mentioning Obama, Trump says that his reputation has outdone that of Jimmy Carter, making Carter look a better one of the two.
Trump promises he was going to make excellent trade deals. He was going to get the car industry back to Michigan and bring in 14 or 15 judges. Trump says that if Hillary wins, she would nominate judges badly, making the country never ever recover, and declares that even if it does it will happen after 100 years only. He wants to bring in strong and highly vetted judges who are for second amendment protection and have a great profile. He wants the country to be unified and have the best in deals, border and security.
He wants to use the best businessmen, while negotiating deals with China, Japan, Mexico and Vietnam and with other counties, as now they are just political hacks who worsen the problem. Trump mentions how the country’s infrastructure is in poor condition and says that the airports have along waiting line for checking in, and that when the checking was over, the flight took off without them.
Trump mentions that nothing is done properly now and he was going to win so much that people were going to beg him to stop winning, as it was unfair. Trump declares that he would not stop winning and would persist, until America is great again.

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