Donald Trump Election Rally, Fresno, CA

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Friday, May 27, 2016
Fresno, CA
Selland Arena in Fresno

Trump opens his speech commenting on the huge crowd, which he says had started coming from 5 in the morning. He states that he wants to solve the water problem in the state, which is of great concern. He says that he knows how to stop the water from being wasted into the sea, instead of being used for farming. He promises to bring the water and jobs back to the place and help make farmers survive better and that he was going to get it done quickly.
Trump mentions how the NRA had endorsed him, which was the first ever time in history to happen at this stage. He mentions how Hillary wants to get rid of second amendment. He states that the country’s leader is pathetic, while the leaders of China, Mexico, Japan and other countries are smart and great negotiators. He mentions how if the country’s presidents had not interfered with the deals, the country would have been far better off than what it was today.
He blames Obama for the bad situation the country is in and on why the military is not able to beat the ISIS, which was vicious and smart and made of just 30,000 people. He laments that the country does not fight to win anymore. He wants to make the military bigger, better and stronger, so the country is not made laughingstock.
Trump mentions how he had won with big margins and recorded the highest number of viewership for his debates. He says that Bernie doesn’t have a chance to win, as nobody wants a socialist. He wants to build the wall and make Mexico pay for it. He also mentions about how the border patrol people had endorsed him, which was another first in history of presidential election.
Trump mentions that Hillary is a terrible candidate. He is angry that the country does not make any good deals now. NAFTA signed by Bill Clinton had destroyed the economy beyond repair with jobs and business moving out of the country. Trump mentions how he had come across rundown empty factories. He advises people to buy those factories, before he wins as after his win they would turn out quite profitable, as he was going to bring business and jobs back into the country.
He contends that even if he loses the election, they would not have lost much as the factories would have cost only a meager amount.On illegal immigrants, he says that people are coming by thousands from across the border without the country being aware of where they are from. Trump mentions Paris and how the president has been incompetent not addressing the issue directly. He says ISIS knows how to use the internet better than the people here and that is one of the reasons that people here are joining the outfit. He wants the people to be vigilant, smart and report any illegal immigrants they come across to avoid trouble later.
Trump mentions how foreign countries have been rattled by him. He says that when the country has spent billions in defending countries like Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia, he wants tomake them pay for it. He wants the country to be respected and not treated as dummies anymore. Mentioning that although it was not necessary for him to attend the rally now that he has won the nomination, he wanted to because he had promised people that he would come. He wants to win with a bigger mandate and that his win would be taken only as people’s win, as he was just their messenger.
Trump says that one important thing he would do after winning is to appoint the Supreme Court judges and protect the second amendment. He reiterates that national security is of the most import and that he was going to make the military strong, knock out ISIS, bring back trade, jobs and money into the country and cut down taxes for the middle class and business as they are being crumpled by the taxes.
Trump ends his speech saying that he would address all important issues such as Obama Care, social security, Medicare, local education and other topics, so the country could win again. He wants the wall to go up, so people can enter the country only legally. He thanks the crowd saying that he would win so much that people would ask him to stop winning so much, but that he would continue to do and make America great again.

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