Donald Trump Election Rally, ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Albuquerque Convention Center

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at Albuquerque Convention Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico
This is the first campaign appearance of Donald Trump in New Mexico, which has the highest Hispanic population in the country. The Latina Governor, a GOP supporter had previously denounced Trump.
Trump begins his speech in front of a massive crowd saying that he loves the people of New Mexico and loves winning most of all. He says he is winning for the country and that the country needs it, for it cannot survive another term of Obama’s presidency, which he claims is what Hillary’s winning would entail.
Trump reiterates that he would be bringing the jobs back to the country, make the borders strong and stop drugs from getting into the country. He promises to make incredible trade deals. Blaming the democrats for the total mess that the country is in, he says that the safest place to be at any time is at a trump rally. He mentions on how Bernie had said that the system was rigged. Trump too believed in the system being rigged, but he says it doesn’t matter as he is still winning by big margins.
Trump sates how he had started back in June 2015 and that he is confident of doing things that have never been done before in this country. He says he is going to make America great again. Trump states that from now onwards America will he first and that he was going to make it great by being smart, intelligent, vigilant and practical. He ridicules the trade deals, which he says are made by grossly incompetent people, which he claims is going to change now.
Trump mentions the hundreds of billions of dollars that the country has lost to Mexico, Germany, China, Japan and other countries. He says that the leaders in these countries are cunning, smart and rip off America in trade deals. He says Clinton signing the NAFTA deal was the worst thing that could happen to the country, as it has taken all the jobs out of the country, causing a big economic slump.
Trump is happy about the NRA endorsing him, which is the first time to occur before the convention. He mentions that Hillary is bad for the country and new jobs, and that she wants to abolish second amendment. He says he would not let the stupid and incompetent leadership to continue anymore.
Trump says that everyone should unite and make something special, make the country great again. He mentions on how he had got bad press for raising 6 million dollars for vets and says that the system is rigged. He wants to rip it to shreds. He mentions about appointing Supreme Courtjudges, and that if Hillary wins and nominates the judges, the country would never ever recover from it.
Trump mentions that he had been campaigning for over 10 months and has spent less than the others while having done a better job than them. He says that it is not a silent majority, but a noisy majority for him. He talks about the issues like trade, illegal immigration and strong borders and says that he was going to build the wall, for the people needed it.
Trump claims that his win in Michigan was because of his promise to stop the companies moving out and bringing back the jobs to the people. He states that he will ask the companies to pay 35 percent tax for every product they sell in the country. Trump further talks about the state of New Mexico mentioning that the numbers are not good here. He promises to create more jobs.
He mentions about his wealth and assets all over the world and claims that his kind of thinking is what the country needs to bail it out of the 19 trillion dollar debt it was in. He points out the dire state of infrastructure in the country, likening it to that of the third world countries. He says that after NAFTA was signed by Bill Clinton in 1994, manufacturing jobs have reduced by 40 percent.
He mentions that the transpacific partnership was even worse. He claims that the unemployed people in Albuquerque had doubled since 2000. And that the median income per household has reduced by 2000 dollars. Trump blames the federal government, which was stupid enough to allow such a state to befall on the country.
Trump mentions that New Mexico tax payers spend over one million dollars to support illegal immigrants and more on educating them. He also points out that homicides have gone up by 35 percent. Claiming that Syrian refugees are being relocated in large number to New Mexico, Trump states he would not allow it. He wants to build a safe zone in the gulf for the refugees with Gulf money and keep the refugees there. Trump declares that the country is not going to take such crap anymore and that the refugee and immigrant situation was the ultimate Trojan horse. He wants to build the wall and do it fast. He says he has been backed by the border patrolmen who have never before endorsed a presidential candidate.
Trump concludes his speech saying that he was going to win with the military, trade deals and border and take care of the vets, win with education and make it local, and repeal and replace Obama care, which is a total disaster. He thanks the crowd saying he would make America great again.

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