Donald Trump Election Rally, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Monday, April 4, 2016
Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
Milwaukee Theatre.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Donald Trump starts his speech by introducing his wife Melania who speaks high of the leadership qualities in her husband saying that he is a tough, kind and hardworking person, and great negotiator. She asks the people to vote for Trump, so he can work with them to make America great again.
Trump continues his speech saying that it is time for the people to stop others from taking advantage of the country. He says the politicians are inefficient in making the country win as they are being controlled by special interests.
Trump continues with his speech saying that the country is being decimated by stupidity of politicians who are making bad trades, horrible deals and mentions that the transpacific partnership is very bad for the country. He is confident that he will put a stop to these happenings and unlike Obama who had said it was time for change and did nothing, he would bring in the real change, if elected.
On Obama claiming to have reservations about Iran deal now, Trump is angry with Obama for not having listened to his opinion on the Iran deal. He says that the Iranians have made a smart deal having got 150 billion dollars, while not releasing the five prisoners they held. Trump claims that they have bought over 118 airbus jets with the money but not from America. He says that the country is being ripped off on all sides including trade, military, and borders.
Trump mentions that the inability to control ISIS is going to change when he wins. He assures the crowd that he will bring in the jobs, money, and business back to the country and make it strong and rich again.
He mentions about the trillions the country owes to China, Japan, Mexico, and other countries, while protecting these countries, which is a bad deal. He is positive about building the wall and says that the border patrol people who haven’t endorsed anyone before are supporting him to build the wall and make the borders stronger. He contends that allowing people to come in illegally is like taking in a big Trojan horse and wants to stop it by building the wall and that too with Mexico’s money.
Trump narrates the story of a tenderhearted woman who takes in a snake and dies because of her fault in trusting that the snake will not do her harm. He compares the story to that of illegal immigrants and that he will not let this happen to the country. He wants to make the borders strong and prevent Mexico, China and other countries from stealing the country’s business, jobs, and money.
Trump then refers to Ford, Carrier, Nabisco, and Pfizer moving out of the country and setting their plants in Mexico and other countries taking away good jobs outside the country. He wants to stop other countries taking US for a ride and wants America to come first always.
Trump talks about Saudi Arabia, which is making a billion dollars a day and how the US is losing money protecting the country from its neighbors. He wants to make the military stronger and better so there will not come a situation to use it. He says that the people have turned the campaign into a movement that is gaining momentum fast. He is confident that he will protect the second amendment, repeal and replace Obamacare, do away with common core education and make it local and bring about proper Medicare.
Trump ends his speech saying that he is going to knock the hell out of ISIS and take care of the veterans who are treated badly. He is going to make the borders strong and stop illegal immigrants and drugs from entering the country. He promises that he will make the people proud of their country again on all fronts and make America great again. Trump asks the audience to remember the day and get out and vote for him and ends the speech by thanking the audience for their support.

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