Donald Trump Election Rally, West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Monday, April 25, 2016
West Chester, Pennsylvania,
West Chester University..

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally at West Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania
In a packed area at West Chester University Trump begins his speech saying that there are more than 5000 people waiting outside eager to get in. He attacks the media head-on saying that they were dishonest. He is amazed at how big a movement his campaign has become and says it is because of the people in the country who had made it possible. He vows that he would make American great for everybody. He promises to bring back the jobs, companies, money and prevent foreign companies from killing the opportunities here. He says that his message is one of optimism.
Trump commends the police, saying they are doing a wonderful job and that they should be given more credit. He states that ever since the congress voted to include China in the World Trade Organization in 2001, the manufacturing in the country has gone down by 40 percent. People have been sucked out of their money and jobs.
He accuses Ted and Kasich of supporting the devalued currency of China and says that the leaders in the country are incompetent. He wants to stop people losing their jobs and stop manufacturing from becoming crippled due to the business being taken away by China and other countries.
The 19 trillion dollar deficit the country is in is because of the bad trade deals the country had made with other countries, according to Trump. He says that if he is president, he will not allow illegal immigrants to enter into the country. He declares his intention of building the wall and with Mexico’s money.
He laments about the weakened state of the military and claims that he would make the military stronger and powerful, so no one will mess with the country. He promises to get rid of ISIS, and prevent the jobs from going out of the country. Trump mentions how people are earning less than what they had earned 18 years before, which was mainly due to the bad leaders and bad negotiations done by them.
Trump promises that he would turn the situation around and make the companies come back into the country. He mentions how he would ask companies like Carrier, Ford and Nabisco to pay 35 percent tax for every item they bring into the country. According to him, the companies would either return to the country or pay tax both of which would be beneficial.
Talking about the 505 billion trade deficit with China, and the deficit with outer countries like Japan, Mexico and Saudi Arabia, Trump says that the country has made some very bad deals. Since he is self-funding his campaign Trump, is confident that he can turn around the situation and make the country come first always.
Trump narrates how he has been leading from the beginning in the debates, polls and with the people. He mentions how he has defeated governors and senators. Trump accuses politicians of being all talk and no action. He says that he has the support of African Americans, Hispanics and others because they believe that he would bring back the jobs. Trump states that people are getting out to vote, like never before. He asks the students in the crowd to study well and come out, as he would be providing them with great jobs.
Saying that the campaign was harder for republicans than democrats, Trump claims that he would make the country win with the military, vets, health care, education and immigration. On education, he explains how the country has spent more, but received the lowest rank worldwide. He mentions how he had spent the least, but won the most votes. He promises that he would do the same thing, when he becomes president.
Trump ends his speech asking people to get out and vote, so they would remember the day and say it was the greatest day ever. Trump thanks the audience saying that he was going to make America great again.

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