Donald Trump Election Rally, Syracuse, NY

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Thursday, April 14, 2016
Syracuse, NY
Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a President rally in Syracuse, NY at the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center, beginning at 12:00 PM EDT.
Donald Trump starts his speech by saying that we are going to make America great again. But, before we do anything, we have to get our jobs back. The labor participation rate of America is just 60%, which is a very terrible number. Trump says that Ted Cruz does not like New York. He urges his people for not believing the polls. Even if the polls say that Trump is winning, let us just pretend that we are losing.
He says that the political pundits are the most dishonest people. Trump thanks his audience for turning up in such great numbers and he tells them that despite spending the least amount of money in his campaigns, he is winning. The people of America are sick and tired of the corrupt system. They want to be represented correctly. And there are politicians and news channels that are fabricating negative news against Trump. But, despite everything, he says he is going to win.
He says that when he decided that he would run for President, he was mocked by people. But, he has proven his worth and he boasts that his rallies are the safest rallies in the world.
Trump says that America has either corrupt or incompetent leaders presently. He wants to bring all races of people together but he is against illegal immigration. He wants people to come in to America through legal processes. He cites examples of places like California and Brussels that allowed illegal immigrant and that they are miserable now because of terrorism.
Talking about patriotism and loyalty, he gives an example of Japan citing that they do not buy American products to promote their own economy. Similarly, if a company decides to leave America after earning here for decades, we must not buy their products. And if a company manufactures products in other countries and exports them in America, they must have to pay high taxes so that they come back to America. He says that the leaders have to be very smart to do free trade but the current American leaders are not smart.
He says that his family advised him to behave a little in a presidential manner. But, he says that he cannot do so till he becomes the President. Citing Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, he says that they do not like his tone. But, Trump says that this is not the time to be polite. We have to be rough and unpredictable.
He says that he is winning all categories of people and great businessmen are endorsing him. Over 16,000 border patrol agents endorsed him.
Talking about the Mexican border wall, he says that Mexico will pay for it. It will cost only 10 million to build an effective wall. Concerned about the problem of drugs, he says that border security has to be tightened to stop drugs from pouring in to America.
In the end, he says that he has to win for the veterans, trade, healthcare, education and urges his audience to vote for him the coming week. He declares that he will make America great again.

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