Donald Trump Election Rally, Rochester, New York

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Sunday, April 10, 2016
Rochester, New York,
JetSmart Aviation.

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a rally In Rochester New York (4-10-16) 3:00 PM ET
Donald Trump starts his speech by saying that Rochester has lost thousands of jobs in the last few decades due to NAFTA, Asian Currency manipulation and China. He mentions that 90,000 jobs since 1970 and 4,000 jobs in the last 6 months were lost by Rochester. The people of this place hadn’t had an effective raise in salary since the last 17 years.
Bausch and Lomb, for example, have relocated their headquarters out of Rochester and companies are leaving America because of extremely high taxes.
He says that the American Dream is dead but he will make it bigger and better. He asserts that his only policy is to keep America first. America is defending countries like Saudi Arabia that makes at least one billion per day. The countries that America defends do not reimburse the country properly. And if Trump becomes the president, these countries would have to pay their fair share.
Praising the firefighters and policemen of the country, he says that they do not get the respect they deserve.
He criticizes Ted Cruz for copying his speeches when the latter talked about the Mexican wall and that Mexico will pay for it. Trump says that he has been winning most of the states and that he has millions of votes more than Cruz. But, the newspapers and news channels never talk about it.
He says that he never wanted to become a politician but he decided to run for President because hundreds of wrong decisions were taken by the American government. Obama is a terrible negotiator except with the republicans. Republicans facilitate him with whatever he wants.
He talks about global warming and says that the climate should have been warm that day but it is actually freezing. He asserts that the Americans are not angry but they are sick and tired of seeing their country being snatched away from them. America owes 19 trillion to the world and still Obama gave away millions of dollars to Iran. And, now Iran is buying missiles from our money. Obama again made a blunder of sending 6 people to find out a traitor, Sergeant Burgdahl.
He boasts that it takes guts to be a President of America and he has it. He says that he will get along better with countries like Japan because he will treat them fairly.
He mentions that Washington Post covers phony stories about him. It was bought by a person who had a big stake in Amazon. And now they will cook up stories about him since he criticized them. He says that his rallies are the safest in America and the world.
He mentions a stance when a 60-year old lady advised him that he should not say that he will make America rich again. But, trump says that he has to say it because if America is not rich, it cannot be great. He talks to curb radical Islamic terrorism. Talking about illegal immigrants, he says that he cannot allow them in America because the countries that allowed them are already miserable.
He gives several instances when he condemned the decisions of Obama government but the newspapers instead cursed Trump. But later, it was proved that he was right.
Trump urges his voters to vote for him after 9 days on the destined day. And if they do, they will remember that day as the best voting day of their life. Making a mention of ISIS, American education, healthcare, economy; he closes his speech. At last, he says Americans will be proud of their country again.

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