Donald Trump Election Rally, Omaha, Nebraska

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Friday, April 22, 2016
Omaha, Nebraska.
Werner Enterprises Hangar

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally at Werner Enterprises Hangar in Omaha, Nebraska.
Pete Ricketts, Governor of Nebraska who had earlier vehemently opposed the nomination of Donald Trump and spend millions of dollars for it, in a complete turn of events, endorsed Donald Trump at the Werner Enterprises Hangar in Omaha Nebraska. He introduces Trump as a person who doesn’t need an introduction, and who is the next president of the United States. Trump begins his speech saying how happy he was to be among the huge crowd of over 11000 people. He remarks how all other candidates for the Republican nomination had dropped out. He talks about the big crowd during his rally in West Virginia the previous week.
Trump comments how it has been a wonderful time for him since June and that he had been a politician for the past 10 months. He asks the crowd how he had been. He says that his campaign has a positive message for the people who are tired of not winning any more. He laments that they don’t have good deals anymore. He declares that if he is elected, he would not send any business to china. He says that the country takes in all the stuff from China without charging them tax, while China doesn’t buy anything from the country.
He mentions how Nebraska has been making quality agricultural machines, but that Japan asks the country to pay 38 percent tax to bring the machines into Japan. Trump says that Japan on the other hand brings in cars by thousands without paying any tax for them. America in return sends beef, which they send back saying it is old and also levy tax on the beef.Trump maintains that the entire situation is ridiculous, and the country is being outdone and outplayed on all sides.
Trump remarks on his landslide victories in all the states, and how he had knocked out the other competitors including senators and governors. He narrates how Rick Perry had said earlier that Trump was like a cancer on the Republican Party, but now endorsed him. Trump claims that the Bush family had spent millions on negative ads about Trump and that in total there were about 66 thousand negative ads made on him. Trump says that in spite of all this, he has had landslide victories all the way.
Trump declares that when he is elected president, he would get rid of the tariffs from Japan. He would ensure that Nebraska products are allowed into China. He has a solution for the trade imbalance with Japan. He says he would charge 38 percent for every car that Japan brings into the country, just as they charge for the beef. He says he is not afraid of making smart deals, as he is self-funding his campaign and need not answer to lobbyists or special interests.
Trump than reads out statistics on the number of jobs lost, since China was voted into the world trade organization by Clinton administration. He then talks about the killings in Omaha and San Francisco due to illegal immigrants. He maintains that he would put a stop to all of it. Donald Trump than speaks about the state of military saying that the country doesn’t win anymore. He says he is going to stop the companies like Carrier, Ford and Nabisco from leaving the country. He mentions about the 1400 jobs lost due the shift of the plants. Trump talks about the police saying that they are not treated well and that he would change it. He mentions about China devaluing its currency, which has further brought down the businesses in the country. He states that he is going to build the wall, and make it so strong that people can enter into the country only legally. Although he likes free trade, Trump says that political hacks have made every single deal go wrong.
Trump declares that he is going to make the country win with its military, vets, education,and trade. He would secure and cherish the second amendment. He wants to repeal and replace Obama care. And regarding the wall, Trump says he would make Mexico build the wall.
In conclusion, Trump declares he would get the jobs back, make businesses flourish and levy taxes on all goods that come in from Japan, China and other countries. He asks the people to vote on Tuesday, so Barrack Obama is not given another term of presidency as will happen, if Hillary is elected. He mentions that after November, he is going to win so much that people were going to beg him to stop winning. But that will not deter Trump, as he says he will win, win and keep on winning.

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