Donald Trump Election Rally, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Indianapolis, Indiana,
Indiana Farmers Coliseum

Donald Trump starts his speech by saying that he is going to win by over 50%. But, the polls are always unpredictable. He quotes Ted Cruz by telling his audience that he swears in the name of Bible.
Trump is angry over the fact that they are in a situation when jobs are being ripped out of our country. Moreover, America has a trade deficit of over $500 billion. America has been busy re-building countries like china. Talking about military, he tells that when General Oliano left last year, he told media that America is very ill prepared and that he had never seen the country like that. Trump assures that America is going to have a very strong military, but which they hopefully will not use against anyone.
Mentioning the Mexican border, he says that he will build a wall at the Mexican border, which is roughly 1,000 miles long. Mexico has been pushing their products into America without taxes, but he says that he will impose as much as 35% of taxes on all foreign products so that American economy may grow.
Indiana used to manufacture steel but now it does not. However, he says he will bring it back to the state. Trump mentions that he is a self-funded candidate and thus he will not succumb to anyone else’s pressure. He spent much lesser than his competitors spend, but he is way ahead of them.
He tells about a hotel in Pennsylvania Avenue that he is building and has put his daughter in charge of it. He says that even if he loses and does not get into the white house on Pennsylvania Avenue, he will still live in his hotel at the same place.
Trump says that America has incompetent leaders who have no idea about the major problems of the country. Carrier, the AC manufacturer has shifted from America to Mexico and hence made more than 1,400 people jobless. He says that the democrat system is rigged.
Trump says that America can never be great again with people like crooked Hillary and lion Ted. He says that he does not want to get rid of NATO, but modernize it. He wants to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism. China is building a military fortress in South China Sea. And America needs to strengthen its military. He says that there is no harm in getting along with Russia if they also want to drop bombs on ISIS.
He mentions that many border patrol agents have endorsed him, which has happened for the first time in history. The way America has walked out of Iraq is disgraceful. But, he says he will not let it happen again.
He claims that his opponents have sent the so-called protestors who go clueless if asked any questions on camera. He finishes up his speech by mentioning the army Generals of America and claims that he would make America great again.

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