Donald Trump Election Rally, Harrington, Delaware

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Friday, April 22, 2016
Harrington, Delaware
Delaware State Fairgrounds – Quillen Arena.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally at The Delaware State Fairgrounds – Quillen Arena in Harrington, Delaware.
Donald Trump greets the people gathered at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Quillen Arena. Launching into his speech Trump declares that he with the support of the people was going to fix things fast.He states that the average household income in Delaware has dropped by 10000 dollars, since 2001. He explains that the main reason behind the situation was the entry of China into the world trade organization taking away most of the manufacturing jobs in the country. Trump accuses Ted Cruz of supporting the Chinese currency cheating, which had destroyed many of the businesses in the country. He further claims that transpacific treaty would destroy the auto industry in the county, just as NAFTA had destroyed the country’s economy.
Trump declares he is going to make smart and great trade deals and bring back the jobs, money and business to the country. He talks about illegal immigration from Syria and Mexico, and says he will build the wall and with Mexico’s money. Speaking about the dishonest attitude of media in not giving him the publicity that is his due,Trump says that wherever he went, he drew massive crowds and won the majority of votes.
Trump talks about how the country is being ripped off by China, japan, Vietnam, Mexico and India, and maintains that the leaders are incompetent to the core. Mentioning about how Obama had visited Saudi Arabia and Cuba, where he was not greeted at the airport Trump states that if it had been him in place of Obama, he would have directed the flight back to America immediately.
Talking about the ad deals and incompetent leadership, Trump says that the military and vets are not taken care of properly. He mentions how the country is sitting on a big bubble of bad economy and declares that he wants to be a great president returning the country to its former glory. He ridicules the stupid trade deals and bad negotiators of the country, and praises the leaders of countries like China and Japan, as they have great negotiators.
Claiming that he is not angry with Mexico, China, Japan and other countries, Trump says he is angry with American leaders who had caused the big trade imbalance and trade deficit.
Trump states that the middle class,which had built the country is now tired and disgusted, not being paid enough, despite working on two jobs at a time. He says that people are making less money than what they did two decades back. Mentioning about how the country’s money is being used to defend other countries like Japan, South Korea, Germany and Saudi Arabia, Trump wants to make the country stronger and greater.
Trump explains how he has built a phenomenal company and promises he would do a lot more for the country, if elected. Accusing Obama of not doing anything constructive, Trump says that Obama failed to acknowledge the attacks in Paris and California, and that the ISIS was behind it. Mentioning about how he started in June 2015, Trump declares that as he has won more votes and delegates than other candidates and is confident of winning against Hillary too.
Lamenting about the weakening military, Trump says that ISIS has control over all the oil in Libya, while America has nothing. He claims that he would get the jobs back and make the companiesdeserting the country to set shop again by levying 35 percent tax on every product they bring into the country. Taking a dig at Obama’s trip to Hawaii in Boeing flight, Trump says that he doesn’t take any vacation, as he loves his job.
Trump says that when he started the campaign, he was determined to make a difference and he would do it, if elected. He reminds the crowd to vote saying that the vote they cast would be the greatest ever as it would bring the country back to its glory. He wants to make the military strong and powerful and take care of vets properly. He declares that the country will start winning again, if he is elected.
Trump then talks about the changes he would bring about in the education system making it local instead of common core and how he would fight to protect the second amendment. He states he would build the wall and make Mexico pay for it. Trump concludes his speech saying that he is going to make the country win in trade, healthcare, social security and economy, and in many other ways. He departs thanking the crowd for their time, saying he loves them all and they were all going to be proud of their country again.

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