Donald Trump Election Rally, Hagerstown, Maryland

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Sunday, April 24, 2016
Hagerstown, Maryland,
Rider Jet Center.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally at Hagerstown Maryland Rally at Rider Jet Center
Trump begins his speech stating how he is self-funding his campaign, while special interests and lobbyists back the other candidates who would not let them make the right decisions ever. Trump declares he will make America great again. He reads out statistics of how manufacturing has come down by 40 percent, since 2001, when the congress had voted for china to become part of the World Trade organization.
Trump says that the TPP or transpacific partnership now is even worse. Trump further blames China for causing more damage by devaluing its currency. And on Mexico, Trump says that the wall will be built and with Mexican money. On the statistics, Trumps says to throw them out, as he is going to change them. He promises the people that when he becomes president, he would bring inchanges so fast that companies will return to the country quickly.
On his big landslide victories, Trump says that even Abraham Lincoln did not get over 50 percent votes whereas he was leading with big margin with 9 candidates in the fray, which is happening for the first timein the history of the country. Trump blames the press for misleading the people about his victories. He maintains that of all the candidates, he spent the least amount of money, but got the most votes. And according to him, this showed his capability for becoming the next president. He says that he has been instrumental in creating a movement. He has won over the Hispanic population and the African Americans because they all wanted good jobs.
Trump talks about how he has won in the different states. He has defeated senators and governors to reach the place he is in now, and Trump says he loves the debates. Trump is delighted about taking on Hillary, saying it would be lots of fun. Trump says that he doesn’t want to lose after coming all this way, as it would be a big waste of his time, money and effort.
He is confident of making the country great again. He wants to bring back the jobs by asking the companies like Carrier, ford and Nabisco, which are shifting their plants from the country, to pay 35 percent tax on every product that they bring into the country. Trump says that no other politician would suggest this, as lobbyists and special interests control them all.
Trump is worried about the big trade deficit the country has with China, Japan and Mexico. He says that free trade is not the right thing, when the leaders are bad negotiators. Trump mentions how the country had rebuilt China. He says that it is the leaders in America that he is angry at because they are grossly incompetent and not the Chinese leaders.
According to Trump, China has done the greatest theft ever by taking away the manufacturing jobs and by devaluing its currency. Trump mentions about the big military fort China is building in the South China Sea and how weak the military in America is. He promises that he would bring back all the jobs and even make Apple products in the country. He compares the country to a big dumb bully being pushed around by everyone else and says that it is not going to continue any more. He vows to get the jobs back from Mexico and China, protect the second amendment, replace Obama care, bring local education system and take care of the vets.
He is confident of building the wall and making Mexico pay for the wall. He wants the military to become stronger and powerful, so nobody dares to mess with it. And Trump states that he will take care of ISIS and stop the illegal immigration of people and drugs, across the border. He mentions that people will remember this day and say that they had cast the single greatest vote ever to make America great again. On fightingagainst Hillary, Trump says it would be an easy contest, as he had systemically defeated senators and governors. Trump ends his speech by thanking the people gathered and assures them that he will make America great again.

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