Donald Trump Election Rally, Evansville, Indiana

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Thursday, April 28, 2016
Evansville, Indiana

In this video, Donald Trump, as a presidential candidate, is carrying out his campaign rally in Evansville, Indiana. He starts his speech by saying that he wants to ‘Make America Great Again.’ He then criticizes his fellow contenders, including Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz.
Trump asks the people of Indiana to go out and vote. He says that his nation is not smart, but they have to be smart now. So, people have to vote for him. Trump says, if he gets elected he will end ‘ObamaCare,’ protect the second amendment, and end the ‘Common Core’ education system.
Donald Trump goes on to say that jobs are gone in his country. For instance, ‘Carrier,’ the air conditioner making firm, is leaving America and moving to Mexico. And, if it leaves, it will also abandon 1400 people with their jobs and leave them jobless. Therefore, he says companies that will leave America will have to pay for the consequences.
Trump asserts that the borders of his nation will be strong, if he gets elected to power. He will fix and amend the steel industry in Indiana. He will bring back the jobs, which are taken away at present. Apple will make its products in the United States.
He says that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal is such a disaster. It is a pact of 5,000 pages between 12 countries, including China. Similarly, ‘ObamaCare’ also comprises of thousands of pages and nobody has read it. It is also a disaster like the TPP trade deal.
Donald Trump says he will make America’s military so strong and powerful that nobody will mess with them. He will make American veterans proud, as they have not been treated well. He tells people to vote for him, as he is the right person to be the next president of America. This is evidenced by the millions of votes that he has got till now. Moreover, he has broken all records in the history of the Republican Party with the most number of votes, which are more than 5 million votes. Plus, hundreds of delegates support him.
Trump declares that he will make his country great. He invites his friend, Bobby Knight, two times on the stage to speak for him. When Trump speaks, he again says that he will really ‘Make America Great Again.’ He says that till now Ted Cruz has lost 11 times from him in the presidential race, according to the ‘Time magazine’ and seven different online polls.
Trump claims that he has funded all his campaigns. He asks people to get out and vote. He says companies like ‘Carrier,’ that will leave his country will have to bear the consequences of such a move. They will have to pay 35% extra tax on every single product that they bring into the United States. And, listening to this the companies will say that they have decided to stay in America. This way companies will not be able to take advantage of his nation.
Trump announces that he will build a wall, as if a country does not have any borders, then it is not even a country. He says that he will work for the people of America and make his nation rich again, because unless they are rich they will not be strong. He says that he is a free trader and his country wants smart negotiators, who are not there right now.
He tells people about the bad state of America right now. This includes the $19 trillion debt of the nation, the unaffordable healthcare system, horrible schooling, bad roads, and dying infrastructure. Trump then says that, if he gets elected, he will make great trade deals and ask Mexico to build the wall that will only cost $10 billion, which they can easily pay.
He will make strong borders, so that people can come in America, but legally. He will make his military strong and powerful and will take care of the veterans. He will knock the hell out of ISIS, get rid of ‘Common Core,’ bring education locally, get rid of ‘ObamaCare,’ make plans that are much better and much less expensive, make great trade deals, and stop drugs from pouring into America.

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