Donald Trump Election Rally, Bethpage, New York

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016
Bethpage, New York,
Grumman Studios.

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks at Make America Great Again rally in Bethpage New York Rally at Grumman Studios (4-6-16)
In the massive rally in Bethpage New York Ivanka Trump begins the speech by wishing everyone good evening and says how it was nice to be in home in New York. She talks about how excited she is on her father running for the president. She extols his virtues saying he has strength of character and has inspired people to do extraordinary things over the years. She mentions how he can make hard decisions and motivate those around him to achieve impossible feats.
She claims he can outwork anyone anywhere and leads by example. His success in the various industries is according to her due to his ethics, passion, and vision and due to his not taking no for an answer. She talks about the projects that had been lying incomplete over the years and how her father had made them a success in a very short time and under budget.
She reiterates that he has a bold vision and tenacious spirit. She says he is a brilliant dealmaker, and negotiator, and that he would accomplish great deeds, which makes him the best candidate for president. She states that he can make new deals, bring back jobs, cut down taxes for the middle classes, restore the economy, and make hard decisions when needed, and will make America come first always. She ends her speech saying that he is the best person for the people to have on their side and his long rack record of success will enable him to make the country great again.
Trump begins his speech by saying that together they are all going to make America great again. He is confident that he would make the country win on trade, military, healthcare and all other things. Mentioning that he is self-funding his campaign and so need not heed the lobbyists, trump states that he is going to knock the hell of out of isis and make the military so strong that nobody will mess with it.
Trump then talks about the 19 trillion dollar debt the country is in with Japan, china, Mexico and other countries. He is worried about the companies, jobs and money going out to other countries and declares he would bring them back into the country. He wants to build the wall and with the help of Mexico. With numerous border patrol people, endorsing him, which he maintains has never happened before, Trump says that it is time to make the borders stronger with the wall.
Trump praises the people of New York, its police, firefighters and constructions workers who had done a great job during the trade center attack. He then talks about how Obama is a very bad negotiator. The Iran deal, according to him is the worst deal ever made. He vows that he would stop such horrible trade deal as the transpacific partnership, which would be catastrophic to the country.
He promises that he would make new deals that benefit Americans and bring back the jobs, companies, and money. He hits at Hillary and Cruz saying that they are not fit to run for the president, as they would listen only to the special interests and not the interest of people. He on the other hand was self-funding and hence would do what is good for the country.
Mentioning the Paris and California debacles, trump says he would stop illegal immigrants from entering into the country. He then narrates the story of how a tenderhearted woman took in a snake and the snake, instead of showing gratitude bit her. He cites this story to make people understand how bad the illegal immigrants could be for the country.
He concludes his speech saying the country needs smart, vigilant, and tough leaders who can take care of the military, health care, education, vets, and protect the second amendment, which is under siege at present. He wants to make the country strong and respected again and to make American win again. He requests the people to go out and vote, so the country can win on all fronts.

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