Donald Trump Election Rally, Louisville, Kentucky

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Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Louisville, Kentucky,
International Convention Center

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Louisville, KY at the Kentucky International Convention Center
This video is about the campaign rally of Donald Trump before the American elections on March 5, 2016. Here, Donald Trump is contesting for the presidential seat. The video starts with Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, speaking in support of Donald Trump. Then, he introduces Donald Trump, so that Trump can speak.
Donald Trump refers to his campaign as a movement taken in favor of America. He then asks the people to get out and vote and asks for their promise to do so. He shows the poll taken out by CNN, where Trump gets 49% votes, Marco Rubio gets 16% votes, Ted Cruz gets 15% votes, Ben Carson gets 10% votes, and John Kasich gets 6% votes.
The theme of the rally is “Make America Great Again,” on which Trump focuses again and again. He even says that Hillary Clinton said at the end of the speech that she will “Make America Whole.” Trump criticizes this statement of Clinton by saying what she does mean by ‘whole’ and that whole is not the correct word for America, but it is his campaign theme, that is “Make America Great Again.”
Trump takes up each of the many issues that America is currently affected by and discusses how he will bring change in them and make the country better as a whole. He says that he will create more jobs for the youth. He even calls up son, namely ‘Eric’ on the stage, who then supports Trump by praising him and saying that he’s the greatest father in the world.
Trump brings up subjects like ‘illegal immigration.’ He says that he will rectify this problem by bringing people into his country legally. He goes on to talk about the status of ‘trade’ in the United States, which is a total disaster. He says he will renegotiate the trade deals and make great and better trade deals, if he will be elected as the president of America.
He says that all his campaigns are self-funded, unlike the campaigns held out by other politicians. He criticizes companies like Carrier (the air conditioner maker) and Ford (the car maker) by saying that he will not allow these companies to leave his country and make sure that they operate from America, thus creating more jobs for the people. This way he will tackle the issues of ‘unemployment.’
He also talks about the decimated stated of the American ‘military.’ If he is elected to power, he will reinvigorate the military and make it more powerful and stronger. Apart from this, he will localize ‘education,’ eradicate ‘ObamaCare’ (which is too expensive) and make the country’s healthcare system better, bring the ‘coal industry’ back to its feet with other forms of energy, and stop ‘drugs’ from coming into America.
He ends his speech by asking people to come out and vote on Saturday, which is the 5th of March.

Watch the video below that contains some exciting catch phrases, remarks, and short sentences from Mr. Trump. Ivanka Trump, his daughter calls them Trumpisms. If you want to know more about these Trumpisms, then watch the video below. Do not forget to comment on the video. And, make sure that you contribute some money, which can be a little amount like 99 cents, to help the Disabled Veterans charity.

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