Donald Trump Rally in Kansas City, MO

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Saturday, March 12, 2016
Kansas City, Missouri
Arvest Bank Theater

Donald Trump Kansas City Missouri Rally (Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland) Missouri Jackson
This video is about the campaign rally of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, that took place in Kansas City Missouri on 12th March, 2016. He starts his rally by saying that he had an interesting day in Chicago yesterday, which is on the 11th March, 2016. He says that he will ‘Make America Great Again.’ He criticizes his fellow candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz.
Trump then goes on to talk about the war, where America spent $2 trillion and which went on for 2 to 3 years, but nothing happened. In the war, America decapitated one of the armies and one of the countries. Trump says that he likes waterboarding, which should be done to the people involved with the ISIS. Those people are chopping off heads and we cannot even do this much to them. Waterboarding is the mildest form of torture for them. But, we have rules and regulations in our country and the ISIS have nothing. But, he says he will improve and change the rules and regulations of his country.
If he gets elected, he will build a strong and powerful military system, so that nobody will mess with his nation. He then recites a poem, called ‘The Snake,’ which is written by one of his rich friends. He asks the people of Kansas City, Missouri to think of the poem in terms of terror. He says that America is weak and soft, which is why everyone takes advantage of it in everything, including trade.
Trump says that the trade in the United States is a disaster, as the nation loses $500 billion a year with China and other countries. He says that he loves free trade and believes in it too. He thinks that free trade is great. But, with China there is no free trade, like any other country. He says that America just pretends that it has free trade, as China can sell its products, without any taxes and problems in the United States; but America cannot sell its products in China and even if they do so, then China charges a huge sum for it.
He then says that Mexico is also taking advantage of his nation. They are killing his nation’s military men at the border and likewise in trade. Many companies, including ‘Ford,’ ‘Carrier,’ and ‘Pfizer’ are moving out of the US and going to other countries. And, if he gets elected, he will stop these companies from moving out of the United States and thus bring back the jobs in his country.
Trump says that America owes $19 trillion in debt, including $1.7 trillion to China and $1.5 trillion to Japan. So, if he gets elected, he will make his country win in everything, ranging from trade, veterans, to the military. He will localize the education and get rid of ‘Common Core,’ since it is a disaster. He will repeal and replace ‘ObamaCare.’ Additionally, he will make strong borders, so that drugs do not pour into America, neither do the people come in illegally. People can come in his country, but they have to come in legally.
Mr. Trump says that he will build the wall and Mexico will pay for the wall, as America has a trade deficit of $58 billion a year with Mexico and the wall will only cost them $10 billion, which is really easy for them to pay. He will fix the system of his country. He says that he has a broken country and thus he will fix his country. He will win with the military, veterans, the second amendment, healthcare, and knock the hell out of ISIS. He ends his speech by asking the people to come out and vote on Tuesday, so that America can have a great president. In the end, Trump says that he will ‘Make America Great Again.

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