Donald Trump Election Rally, Warren, MI

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Sunday, March 04, 2016
Warren, MI
Macomb Community Expo Center.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Warren, MI and packed the Macomb Community Expo Center.
Donald Trump begins his speech to a packed Macomb Community center saying that the journey he had started on June 16 2015 has been a tremendous one and one in which he had been leading from the start and states that he is still leading the race. He blasts Marco Rubio calling him little Marco and that he had conned the Florida people into voting for him. Trump says Marco holds the worst voting record in the history of USA and that he was not fit to be voted for.
Trump explains that he is going to talk about key issues such as trade, borders, cars and most importantly how he was going to build the wall and with Mexico’s money. While talking about Mexico, Trump mentions how Ford had decided to shift its car and parts manufacturing plant to Mexico. This would rob many people of their jobs in USA.
Trump claims that if this continues, Mexico will soon become the car capital of the world, but he can change it, if people voted for him. He would give plenty of job opportunities that people would not know what to choose.
Stating that unlike other Republican candidates, he is self-funded, Trump says he would do his best for the country and not what is best for the lobbyists and unions that fund the candidates. Trump declares that even if he is not a perfect person, he will do his best for providing proper security, build the military stronger and powerful, take care of the vets, and flush out the ISIS.
On making deals, Trump says that he would take care that the companies stay in the USA and don’t go out of the country as they are now doing. He explains how China had stolen money, jobs, manufacturing from the US and how they keep sending over their products without buying anything from the country leaving the US with 500billion trade deficit. Trump is all for smart and even trade and not for free trade, which is a stupid way to trade. Trump reiterates that countries like Japan, China, Korea, India, Saudi Arabia are ripping the country off. He wants to unify the country and make it great again.
Trump mentions about Nabisco, Pfizer and Ford, which have shifted their plants from the country saying that if voted, he would bring them back into the country by smart negotiations, which he says is not possible if Marco, Hillary or Ted Cruz are voted. Trump says he wants to be greedy for the country and make it great.
On the present leadership, Trump says they are stupid and what the country needs is smart leaders, smart negotiators, and smart traders to get it back to its former glory. Mentioning about the zero GDP growth recorded in the last quarter, Trump says he can change everything. He would make Mexico build the wall.
On Iran deal, he is positive that if he had been in control he would not have started negotiations until the prisoners had been released. On a final note, Trump says he will make sure the jobs stay in Michigan and would repeal and replace Obamacare, terminate common core education and make the military bigger, better and stronger so nobody will mess with the military.
Citing the statistics of 22 suicides per day by vets, Trump says that the war veterans have been mistreated and he was going to change it. Stating he would bring the car industry back to Michigan and change the country so much that Apple would be making smartphones in USA, instead of China. Trump signs off asking the people to give him a big margin on Tuesday March 8 by voting for him.
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