Donald Trump Election Rally, Tucson, Arizona

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Saturday, March 19, 2016
Tucson, Arizona,
Tucson Convention Center.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Tuscon, AZ at the Tucson Convention Center
This video is about the campaign rally of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, that took place in Tuscon, Arizona on 19th March, 2016. He starts his rally by saying that there are 2500 people standing outside the venue and they cannot come in because the house is full. He tells about his victories in different states, including his home state of Florida.
Then, Mr. Trump brings up the topic of illegal immigration, which he will stop, if he gets elected. He says illegal migration is dangerous as well as terrible. It is a tremendous crime and is tremendously bad for jobs and the nation’s economic development. He says that people will come into his country, but they will come legally and not illegally. He then says that he will build a wall, a real and a major wall at the border of the United States and Mexico will pay for it. He gives the reason behind this by telling that America has a trade deficit of $58 billion a year with Mexico. And, the wall will only cost $10 billion, which is really easy for Mexico.
Trump says that if he gets elected as the president of America, he will make his nation a unified country. He will make it vigilant, strong, and smart, so that it is respected all over the world, not like the country’s present state. He will take care of the country’s veterans. He says that he has self-funded his campaign and not taken hundreds of billions of dollars from businessmen like other politicians. He is working for the people of US.
He then tells the present bad state of trade in the United States, as the country owes $19 trillion in debt, which is going up to $21 trillion. He says that the nation is losing everywhere, including trade deals with China, Japan, Vietnam, India, and Mexico. Therefore, it is time to straighten out his country and get rid of the political hats, so that the greatest negotiators in the world can come to America. He will negotiate new and great trade deals all over and knock the hell out of ISIS, if he gets elected.
Trump also says that he will rebuild his country, which is falling apart. He will build airports, great roads, trains that go 300 miles an hour like China, infrastructure, and great hospitals. He will make his nation work with more jobs. He will ask Apple to build its products in the United States and not in China.
Additionally, he will get rid of ‘Common Core’ and bring the education back, as the current education in the US is a mess. It is at the bottom of the list that is at the 30th number, in terms of quality of education and at the top of the list worldwide in terms of cost per pupil. He will change the education system, which is not working. With this, Americans will save money as well as get a much improved education.
Trump also says that he will get rid of ‘ObamaCare’ and replace it with something so much better that will be much less expensive and better in every single way, with lots of choices for people. He refers to the ‘Time Magazine’ that reveals on its cover page that this is a movement and in the history of politics in this country, there has never been anything like what is happening now.
Mr. Trump then says that his country loses at everything, including military, veterans, education, ‘ObamaCare’ and health care, border, and the wall. And, all this is because all politicians just talk and take no action. But, if he will get elected he will make his country win again, with its military, education, healthcare, border, wall, and ISIS. He will take care of the veterans and will substantially reduce the taxes. He will take the country’s jobs back from Mexico and China. Trump says that he is a free trader and believes in free trade. He ends his speech by asking people to come out and vote on Tuesday and says that he loves Arizona.

Hear some amazing Trumpisms, as the daughter of Mr. Trump, Ivanka Trump calls them. These are witty, funny, serious, as well as great. Watch the video below and know more about Trumpisms spoken by Donald Trump. Feel free to comment in the comment section below the video. Also, make sure that you contribute some money, which can even be 99 cents. A part of the proceeds will go to the Disabled Veterans charity.

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