Donald Trump Election Rally, Janesville, Wisconsin

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016
Janesville, Wisconsin,
Janesville Conference Center

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a town hall event in Janesville (Wisconsin) at the Holiday Inn Express and Janesville Conference Center.
This video is about the town hall event of Donald Trump that took place in Janesville (Wisconsin) at the Holiday Inn Express and Janesville Conference Center on 29 March, 2016. Trump starts his speech by apologizing from people who could not be let in due to excessive crowd. First of all, he mentions the deficit budget of Wisconsin for the summer of 2015, which amounted to $2.2 billion dollars. Under the current circumstances, hundreds and thousands of people of Wisconsin are losing jobs and they cannot do anything about it. He assures that if he comes to power, he will not let anything like that happen to them.
He says that TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) was introduced so that people may forget the disaster of NAFTA but he former proved even more catastrophic.
Further, talking about the veterans, he says that he will make sure that no more veterans commit suicide in America due to their helplessness. He mentions the people who endorsed him- Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe, Ben Carson, etc. They have helped build support and increase his credibility.
He says that whenever he attacked his competitors, they were shaken badly by people and the media. He asks his people that don’t they want a President who can make people weak only by his clever use of mouth. Many people are there who are good with speaking but do not have brains, and that is a deadly combination. He sarcastically remarks Hillary Clinton for her email issue. He also comments on Jeb Bush for sounding so theatrical in his speeches.
He condemns Obama for giving a date to leave Iraq. Trump says that even the terrorists thought that Obama must be joking because no American President can be so stupid to make such a statement. But, they later found out that Obama was not joking and the American army actually left the place, which received huge criticism from world over. He says that America needs to be unpredictable to handle such situations.
He assures that he will scrap off all bad policies of America like Obamacare, Common Core. But, he will protect the second amendment. He says that when he says he will try, it implies that he will get it done. Therefore, Americans can trust him for their issues.
He assures that he will make a wall at the Mexican border and that he will make sure that Mexico pays for it. People jeer at the mention of Paul Ryan. He says that he got the term, ‘Make America great again’ copyrighted. But, Walker used it in his campaigns because he saw the response this term acquires.
He says that he is very conservative when he is concerned with military, international trade and the veterans of America.
He holds a question and answer round with the audience and people actively participate in it. They ask questions about common core, education system, veterans’ suicide, school discipline, oil issues. Trump also mentions the fake ads that are being published these days about him.
He boasts that he can predict future quite well. He is going to win but in case he doesn’t and Ted Cruz does, he is going to be sued because he had lied about his Canadian citizenship in disclosures.
At last, he asks his audience to vote for him and assures them that he will make America great again.

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