Donald Trump Election Rally, De Pere, Wisconsin

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
De Pere, Wisconsin,
Town Hall

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump gives a motivation speech on success at the Town Hall in De Pere in Wisconsin.
Donald Trump starts his speech to a fully packed auditorium in Town Hall De Pere in Wisconsin. He says that his campaign has become an incredible movement and wants the momentum to increase, so he can win and make the country great again.
He mentions about how the blue collar workers in the country haven’t got a raise in their salary for over 12 years, which has led to a lot of anger among the people. Trump laments that the people don’t have any good jobs here as all the jobs have been taken over by Mexico, China and other countries. He explains how companies like Ford and Carrier have shifted their plants to Mexico and the ways he would use to bring them back, if elected.
Trump talks about illegal immigrants, and on how they keep pouring in from across the border. He says that the country does not make good deals leaving the bad jobs in the country and making the good jobs move out.
Trump declares that he wants to make America great again, and that he would stop other countries from taking advantage. He mentions how he is popular in the poll ratings in states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and others .
Trump then talks about success and how he had earned big money just by talking about it and that he had given away the money to charity. On success, Trump declares that a person needs to love what he does to achieve success., He says that some of the happiest and successful people are those who love what they do. He mentions that happy people have good relationships with their wife, family and succeed in life as a result.
Trump says that success in a person should not be measured by his monetary worth, but by how much he is loved by his family. He states that the happiest people are not always the richest, but also mentions that money helps to stop worrying about food, shelter, heath and it makes life easier.
Trump then moves on to another secret of success, which is having great momentum. He narrates the story of William XI who had been a big success in construction. He had sold off his company for a big profit and retired at an early age. When he was given the opportunity to run the company, which was in trouble, again he couldn’t make it a success like before because the break he had from working had made him lose his momentum. Trump says that momentum is necessary for success.
Trump then talks about another secret of success, which is working hard. He tells the story of a great golf player who had a phenomenal success at the game and when asked about how he succeeded the golfer had replied that the harder he worked the luckier he got. Trump says that this is true and that for success people need to have momentum, hard work and love what they do.
Trump mentions the story of another friend who had not done well in his family business in which he had no interest in, but excelled in another sphere, which he loved. Trump says that he loves speaking about success and that this is the first time he is doing it in a political setting. He mentions all other people campaigning saying that they do not have the capacity to lead the country. He mentions how he has won in South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Nevada, and with the Hispanic population and African Americans.
Trump says that the country is losing on all fronts including education, military, vets, health care and the second amendment. He states that the country needs a president who is loyal to the country and himself. He then reads out the economic statistics of Wisconsin state, which shows how much the state is in debt and how many people are jobless. He claims that the middle class people are the worst hit by the jobs moving out of the country and wants to curb the outflow of jobs.
Trump concludes that he would make the country richer, better and greater and that he was honored to be there. He declares that if he wins, he is going to make the country win so much that people could not stand it anymore. He thanks the people gathered saying that together they are going to make America great again.

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