Donald Trump Election Rally, Appleton, WI

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Appleton, WI
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.

GOP Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, held a campaign rally in Appleton (Wisconson) at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel.
This video is about the campaign rally of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, that took place in Appleton (Wisconson) at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel on 30th March, 2016. Trump, first of all, urges his audience to sit down as his speech is going to take a lot of time. He asks his audience whether they are going to vote on April 5 and receive a huge cheer from them. He says that there are going to be a lot of crossover votes this time as the democrats are going to come across.
Trump mentions his record of wins in 21 states. He says that he likes primary election more than the caucuses since the former is simpler and more convenient.
He mentions the bad days America is facing under the current government. He says that America doesn’t win anymore and the trade of the country is in bad shape. All this is because our politicians are taken care of by the lobbyists who represent the companies concerned with oil, pharmaceuticals; and also by special interest groups. He says that he cannot be controlled by any such person or group since he is self-funded and that he is controlled only by the emotions of his public.
He refers to his grandson who took birth a few days ago and then again resumes talking about the issues America is facing. He says that he will end Obamacare, common core and protect the Second amendment. He says that he respects women the most.
Talking about ISIS, he assures his people that he will eliminate them, but doesn’t reveal the ways he would use. He asserts the importance of strong military and that nobody in the world would dare mess with America. He calls the military budget of America as a fraud, since most part of it is spent protecting other countries which give nothing in return to America.
He says that he will also take care of the veterans and improve their current conditions in America. He makes a mention of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is the toughest sheriff of the US and that he has endorsed Trump, which means that Trump is the best.
He expresses his concern about the major companies leaving America and starting operations somewhere else in the world. This is happening because the conditions are not favorable in America and the taxes are highest.
Talking about illegal immigrants, he says that they are unknown, undocumented people who cannot be trusted and they cost a lot to America. He also narrates a story of an injured snake in reference to illegal immigrants. He also mentions that when he spoke of a temporary ban on Muslims in America, his numbers roared high. He condemns Obama for not daring to speak of radical Islamic terrorism. He also grieves over the attacks on Brussels and Paris.
Trump also condemns the policies of the current government who spent millions of dollars and got 5-6 people killed in search of a traitor, Sergeant Bergdahl.
He says that people considered NAFTA as dangerous but many of them don’t know that TPP (Trans pacific Partnership is even more disastrous.
He mentions the badly deficit budget of Wisconsin and that the state is losing thousands of jobs to other countries. He mentions his book named, ‘The America We Deserve’ and that he warned America of Osama Bin Laden in it.
Once again, he hails his audience and asks them to vote for him. He assures that he will make America great again.

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