Donald Trump Election Rally, North Augusta, SC

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Augusta, SC

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in North Augusta, SC and spoke to thousands of fired up supporters.
The video begins with the entry of Donald Trump and he narrates her encounter with the daughter of Annabell Hell, Betsy Shar. He invites her to say a few words to the audience. She conveys a message through her family story that Trump is a supporter of farmers.
Then, Trump takes over the stage and the audience is, of course, very enthusiastic to see him. He starts his speech by mentioning the act of Obama when he gave away $150 to Iran to rescue our sailors. He could have negotiated his way, but he did not. He is a poor negotiator.
Moreover, Obama has built a poor army in his rule. Trump says that America doesn’t win anymore, not with anybody. American military is not able to deal with ISIS, the generals have no clue about what’s going on in the army and how to make strategies to finish the Radical Islamic Terrorism. The terrorists are chopping the heads of people, whoever crosses their way. And Trump claims that he is the most militaristic person and that he will find a solution for ISIS. Trump praises himself saying that he was endorsed by Joe Arpaio, which means that he is going to be the toughest at the border. He will make sure that he builds a wall along the Mexican border.
He quotes General S. Patton and General Douglas, saying that they were not politically correct people, but they were great generals.
He mocks about Hillary Clinton for barking like a dog in her campaign and the audience jeers at her.
He repeatedly makes it a point that America is going to lose $500 billion this year with China and that he would not let this happen in his rule. He brings it to peoples’ minds that America defends Japan, Germany, and many other countries; but they get nothing in return. And many of these countries are economic giants. For instance, Germany is an economic behemoth, but if Angela Merkel keeps allowing illegal immigrants in, it is going to result in a civil war. Many Germans want to leave the country now because of terrible conditions of the country.
Also, the countries they defend, are taking away everything from us and they owe 19 trillion to the world. For example, Mexico is taking away the corporations of the USA. The Mexico is going to be the next China. Trump assures that he is going to take America out of this position of loss where we only lose things to other countries and get nothing in return. Every country in the world will not dare to attack America in his rule because he will make sure that the American army is the most technologically advanced in the world.
Trump mocks at the fate of America in Obama’s rule that we don’t manufacture anything anymore. We do not see “Made in USA” written on any product. Earlier, products manufactured in Japan, or China, were considered inferior. But now, the position is reversed. Every product we use comes from one or the other part of the world.
The republicans have approved a budget a few weeks ago and they made sure that Obama got everything he wanted. The audience jeers at the name of Obama. Trump says that Obama is a great negotiator against republicans.
Trump says that America has the best negotiators in the world but the country doesn’t make use of them. He mocks at Carolin Kennedy (US ambassador to Japan) and says that she doesn’t know the art of negotiation. She was selected in the most foolish manner.
He says that whether you are a republican, conservative, or a democrat, all people want the same thing- good education, safety for veterans, military strength, and a nice life.
He stamps his credibility by saying that he was mistrusted that he would never sign Form A (where you sign your life away) and that he would never reveal his finances. But, he did and outsmarted his rivals.
He makes a mention of police that they are not treated with respect. The Press reports partially about them. He says that they need to be cherished and motivated.
He says that his competitors spent millions in negative publicity against him and they lost. Trump didn’t spend any money and he is winning.
Mentioning education he says that despite spending the highest amount in the world on education, America stands at #30 in the world. He will kick the common core out.
He assures to keep the Second Amendment.
Trump closes his speech by mentioning that he is winning in all the states of America and he wants the people of North Augusta, South Carolina to come out on Saturday to vote for him and make him win.

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