Donald Trump Election Rally, Madison, Alabama

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Sunday, February 28, 2016
Madison, Alabama,
Madison City Schools Stadium

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Madison, AL at Madison City Schools Stadium and spoke to a crowd. Mr. Trump estimated at over 30,000 people. Mr. Trump was also endorsed at the event by U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama.
This video is the campaign rally of the presidential candidate, Donald Trump, which takes place in Madison, Alabama. Here, he addresses a crowd of over 30,000 people and tells them to vote. He give them the reasons as to why they should vote for him and how he is better than the other presidential candidates against which he is standing.
He starts his speech by talking about the wall that he will build the wall. However, America will not pay for the wall, Mexico will. Then, he says that he will make a strong border around his country. He says people will come into his country, but legally and not illegally. He refers to the cover page of the ‘Time Magazine,’ which calls this presidential campaign ‘a movement.’
Trump criticizes his fellow candidate Marco Rubio, by saying that people like him who can faint cannot handle America. They cannot negotiate the country’s trade deals with China and cannot knock out ISIS. Therefore, they do not deserve to lead the country. On the other hand, Trump says that he is a strong guy and can lead his country.
Then, he remarks that all his campaigns are self-funded, unlike the campaigns of other politicians. He also criticizes Hillary Clinton and Obama by saying that he will never call Obama ‘the supreme leader,’ because he’s not. He refers to ‘The New York Times’ as one of the most dishonest media groups that he has ever seen in his life, as they cover inaccurate stories.
He takes up each issue that affects America and tells how he will smartly handle every issue. He says he will make good deals and wonderful budgets for his country, unlike the disastrous ‘omnibus’ budget that was recently passed. He talks about the current depleted state of the American military from mismanagement and misuse. He says that the military does not know what to do. And, if he will get elected as the president of America, he will ask the military to do one thing at a time, which is first take out the ISIS.
He talks about illegal immigration and drugs. He says that he will stop drugs, make strong borders, get many more jobs, and make a powerful military team. He refers himself as the free trader. He will also improve the state of education, trade, and healthcare in his country. He ends his speech by asking the people to get out and vote on Tuesday and thus help him to make America great and better again.

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