Donald Trump Election Rally, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Thursday, February 11, 2016
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
packed Baton Rouge River Center.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Baton Rouge, LA and spoke to thousands of supporters at the packed Baton Rouge River Center.
This video is about the campaign rally of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, which takes place in the Baton Rouge River Center, LA. Trump starts his speech by asking the crowd to get out and vote. Then, he talks about the American military system. He says that he will build the military of his country bigger, stronger, and the most powerful, so that nobody can mess with America. He will order the right equipment for the military, which the military and the General needs, and not the one that they do not need. He will get the best stuff and not the stuff that has political contacts.
He then criticizes the politicians of America, by saying that they just talk and take no action. He tells a story about one of his friends, who jokes about ‘ObamaCare,’ by saying “For the first time in my life I’ve more accountants working for me than I have nurses.” Through this incident, Trump gets to know that ‘ObamaCare’ is really a disaster and therefore he will repeal and replace it.
He also talks about the various drug companies of America and says that the country’s leaders do not negotiate the prices of drugs. Although, the United States is the largest purchaser of drugs throughout the world, it does not negotiate the drug prices. And, if he gets elected as the president, he will negotiate the prices of drugs by making it 10% less. And, if he gets successful in doing that, which he surely will, then the country could save nearly $300 billion a year with just one deal.
Then, Trump talks about the terrorist group, ISIS. He says that he will bomb the hell out of ISIS, like France and Paris did. However, America did not do this till now, because Barack Obama did not allowed to drop bombs on ISIS, as he did not want to create environmental pollution and hurt the carbon footprint. However, on the other hand, Obama flies Boeing 747 with very old engines with his wife just to play golf.
But, if Trump comes to power, he will certainly knock out ISIS. If he gets elected as the president of the United States, he will be in the White House a lot and will not be leaving it. This is because there is a limited period of time when a person is in power. Although, he loves golf, he will rather play it with countries that can help his country, instead of his friends.
Moreover, such trips cost a fortune, which Obama and his wife regularly take. For instance, they went to two different shows at the same place, but used two different planes to fly to their destination. Even if there was just a little time difference, they could have flied in the same plane and save the environment from carbon footprint as well as the price of these trips.
Trump also says that he will sign a lot of trade deals, as he is a free trader and believes in smart trade. Moreover, he will never ever call Obama ‘the supreme leader.’ He talks about how his country is a debtor nation, as it owes $19 billion in debt. And, because of a recently passed disastrous budget, America will owe another $2 trillion, which will be a total of $21 trillion in debt for America.
Even illegal immigrants are allowed to come in his country. For this, he will build a wall along the border of America, which will be 10 feet higher. And, Mexico will pay for the wall, as making a wall is just peanuts for Mexico.
Also, America is one of the nations that spend the most in education, but it still is at the bottom in terms of quality education, which is at 30th number in the list. He says that if he gets elected, he will kill the ‘Common Core.’ He will educate children locally and not through Washington. He will spend much less money on education and have in place a much better education system for his nation.
He says that America is the maker of fortune and therefore he will get rid of debt, if he comes to power. He criticizes the leaders of the United States by saying that his country protects other countries, like Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, Germany, etc. and what they get in return is only a very little amount. This is because of the bad military budget of his country. Moreover, America protects everyone else and it cannot protect itself only. But, who makes such deals, the poor politicians of his country.
Therefore, Trump says that if people elect him as the future president of America, he will change all this. He ends his speech by asking people to get out and vote because this is a movement. It’s on the cover of the ‘Time Magazine,’ where he is on the cover page talking to an incredible group of people. The magazine refers to this as ‘a movement.’ However, he says that it will not be a movement, if he does not wins. He together with the people of America will “Make America Great Again.” He will win, win, and win!

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