Donald Trump Election Rally, Atlanta, Georgia

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Sunday, February 21, 2016
Atlanta, Georgia,
Georgia World Congress Center.

Fresh off a major victory in South Carolina, GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Atlanta, GA at the Georgia World Congress Center. Mr. Trump spoke to a packed crowd of tens of thousands of supporters.
In this video, Donald Trump, as a presidential candidate, is carrying out his campaign rally in Atlanta, Georgia. He starts his speech by talking about the ‘Time Magazine,’ saying that the magazine referred this event as ‘a movement’ on its cover page. Then, he goes on to tell about the current bad state of the United States of America, through its disastrous trade, ISIS terrorist group, the border, and the healthcare system. He says that he will terminate ‘ObamaCare’ because it is such a disaster and is very bad.
However, he says that the country will win, if he gets elected. And, win so much that the people will get tired of winning and still the nation will continue to win and that he will ‘Make America Great Again.’ He talks about a phony and lousy poll conducted by ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ which was written in a horrible language and put on the front page of the newspaper.
He says illegal immigrants are treated much better than veterans and that Americans are very much tired of Barack Obama and his terrible administration. He continues to say that there are 179,000 illegal immigrants in America, out of which most are criminals. He then calls his son, ‘Eric’ and son in law, ‘Jared’ on the stage, where Eric praises his father by saying, “He’s the greatest father in the world.”
He ridicules the current leaders of America by saying that they do not even know what they are doing or anything about trade and economics. He supports his argument by telling about the devastating state of America. He says that his nation, America, owes $19 trillion in debt, has recently passed a disastrous budget (called the ‘omnibus’ budget), has signed bad trade deals, and the healthcare system is poor. And, that the nation will soon owe another $2 trillion because of this bad budget.
He criticizes Barack Obama, while saying that he allows terrorists to enter his nation, supports ISIS, illegal immigrants, and illegal funds. Trump says that he will turn everything around by eliminating ‘Common Core’ education from America and instead will localize the education. He will build a wall along America’s border, which would be 10 feet taller and that too at the expense of Mexico.
He also says that he will build a strong military team, so that nobody is going to mess with his country. He will not allow people to enter America illegally. His goes on to that America gives protection to a lot of nations, such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, etc., for peanuts. They protect the people of another country and do not get anything in return.
Moreover, America does not even negotiate the price of drugs (medicines) and if they negotiate the price of drugs, then they would save $3 billion a year. Additionally, many companies are leaving America, such as ‘Pfizer’ (the pharmaceutical company) is going to Ireland, ‘Carrier’ (the air conditioner maker) and ‘Ford’ (the car maker) are moving to Mexico, etc. Because of this, many Americans will lose their jobs, will be unemployed, and many factories will shut down.
But, he will not let this happen. He will make America a dynamic country. He will call the head of ‘Carrier’ and would say to him that “Hey! Congratulations on your move to Mexico, but you will be charged 35% tax on every single air conditioner that you make and move across our country.” He also says that he will make great trade deals, a better military team (which will not be depleted), and knock out the ISIS terrorist group.
Finally, he ends his speech by saying that the American dream is dying, but he will make it better and much bigger, if he is elected to power. He asks the crowd to get out of their homes and vote and make him win and make their country smart. Let the nation win in everything, in trade, military, healthcare, border, wall, everything. And, that he will ‘Make America Great Again.’

Hear to Mr. Trump’s intelligent remarks, words, and phrases in the video below. These are famously called as Trumpisms by his daughter Ivanka Trump. Feel free to comment on the video after watching it. And, remember to put your share by contributing some amount. It can even be 99 cents, as this will highly benefit the charity for Disabled Veterans.

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