Donald Trump Election Rally, Pensacola, Florida

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Pensacola, Florida
Pensacola Bay Center

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Pensacola Bay Center, Pensacola, FL
In this video, you will see many endorsers endorsing Donald Trump for presidential elections of 2016. First of all, the MC talks about his previous experiences with Trump, when he had not joined politics. He mentions a book written by Trump, “The art of political deal”.
The MC calls several endorsers one by one, namely, Carl Gallups, the author and a radio-television talk show host; Stephaney Turner, who takes the pledge of religion along with the gun girls of Trump; the USA freedom kids; Plover Lawson, who is one of the pioneers of the firearms industry; Captain Allen Brady, who has served for more than 3 decades in the US navy; Kats Gates Kipper, the first female marine who paved the way for women in military; and finally Gary O’Neal, author of ‘the American warrior’. All these endorsers explain about their life and contributions to America and that they have full faith in Donald Trump. They urge Americans to vote for Trump if they want to make America great again.
Finally, as the audience was getting impatient, Donald trump comes to the stage and he once again urges the Press to show the huge crowd they have in stadium but does not pass. He mocks at Jebb Bush about spending $69 million for campaigning but does not stand anywhere. He says that the money could have better utilized in charity.
Talking about borders, he says that America has been witnessing so many illegal immigrants that they seem to have no borders at all. And a country without borders is not country at all.
He makes a mention of $150 billion miserably given to Iran for captivating American sailors. It is of course sad for a country like America to give such a huge amount to a terrorist nation. He gives an idea of negotiating with countries like Iran and not giving in to their demands. Such things have made America a loser from a winner.
He mocks at Obama for making his audience asleep in his speech from the previous night. And the audience jeers at Obama and does not want to call him with respect. Trump says that Obama has not done anything for African American people. He claims that the voter turnout is going to be the highest in these elections of the USA.
He tells the audience that media blames him to have an angry disposition. Trump happily agrees to it and reasons that he has it because he is angry about what is happening to his country. He tells about Sergeant Burgdahl, a traitor, and that America lost at least 5 most wanted criminals to have him back. Trump says that he is a great military man and he would definitely take the American military to new heights.
He mentions that he loves education it makes him angry that despite spending the highest amount of money in the world on education, the USA stands at #28 in terms of performance.
He takes a jibe at Hillary Clinton’s supposed reactions to political pressures and says that he is a tough man to handle such situations. He promises that he will build a wall at Mexican border to stop illegal immigration.
He mocks Obamacare and also mentions that Obama never talks about radical Islamic terrorism because he is not so courageous. Trump pledges that he is going to make America bigger, better and stronger again and concludes his speech.

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