Donald Trump Election Rally, Muscatine, Iowa

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Sunday, January 24, 2016
Muscatine, Iowa
Muscatine High School

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Muscatine, IOWA
In this video, you can see Donald Trump giving speech in Iowa in an energetic mode, attacking all his competitors one by one. Moreover, he is seen very happy about the loyalty of the people of the US. He insists that unless he wins, he is wasting his time as well as of his people. He urges the people to get out on February 1, 2016 for Iowa caucus and vote for him
He says that the people of the US are sick and tired of seeing the country being ripped off by every single nation. He says that many countries have taken so much money from them and they continue to do so without any intention of giving it back. For instance, china has taken billions of dollars from US and they literally rebuilt China. But still, the US owes them 1.7 trillion dollars. They have a trade deficit with China for as much as $505 billion.
He insists that they are going to be the best negotiators in the world. Just as a businessman does, he would extract out maximum profit out of anything. For instance, he takes a jibe at Ted Cruz, another presidential candidate, for being a Canadian citizen and he plans to approve Keystone pipeline because it will benefit Canada. It of course makes no sense for the US to approve it without making anything out of it. Trump says that if that pipeline gets built under his rule, he will make sure that the US gets at least 25% of the share of profits. He boasts that he is greedy but only for his country.
Trump insists that they need to have roads and jobs in the country to be on the top. He mentions that many major companies like Pfizer are leaving the country because their taxation laws are very tough. He assures that he will take the US from being the highest taxed country to being the lowest taxed country in the world. Moreover, Trump assures that he will create innumerable jobs in the country that he might be termed as the greatest jobs President of the United States. He promises that he will make their military stronger and technologically even more advance.
He mocks at the Obama government for not having any idea about what’s going on with Obamacare. He says that Obama only signs executive orders and never talks about critical issues in the world like ISIS, Islamic terror. He also mocks at the irony of the situation that the other people and nations are using Internet better than the US, who invented it.
He takes up the next issue that the police force in the country is facing. He says that the policemen in the country are sacred of being harsh with even criminals because they fear that they might be called in by a commission and they would lose their jobs. He insists that they need to cherish their police officers. He gives an example of the toughest gun law of France where no one can keep a gun.
He praises himself that he is the best candidate in terms of trade, economy, security of the country, military, tackling ISIS and many more. He says that he will surely win with the support of his loyal people and that he does not see himself on the number 2 position. He is confident of beating his rivals- Sarah Louise Palin, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Jebb Bush (who Trump thinks must give up as he is not endorsed by a single senator, he is also very low on energy), Ted Cruz (who is using the money of oil people), and Ben Carson.
People cheer out loud for Trump as he takes a jibe at all his competitors. He insists more than once that he is not using anybody else’s money for his campaigning. He boasts that he has spent the least and is on number one on TV. He has earned this media. He also mentions that ‘Face the nation’ put out a release last week, which was the highest rated show since the fall of world trade center. In the history of CNN, the trump debates are the highest rated shows.
He says that Obama has done nothing for the African American people. Trump declares that he will get back jobs for these people. He is not like Obama, who only talks and takes no action. He admits that he is tough right now because he is too busy to be nice. Trump makes a mark when he says that when he will be president his words will be softer but his attitude will be tougher.
By giving examples of his remarkable wins in Nevada, Georgia, etc.; he urges the people of Iowa to vote for him and promises that he will make the US stronger again and the world will respect them like before.

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