Donald Trump Election Rally, North Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016
North Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a massive campaign Rally in Tulsa, OK with Governor Sarah Palin at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University. There were an estimated 15,000 in attendance; thousands had to be turned away
In a gathering of over 25,000 Americans, Trump comes to the stage and then invites Governor of Oklahoma, Sarah Palin to address the audience first. The cheerful lady comes and starts her speech. As she mentions the event of Obama when he promised to transform America, the audience jeers. She induces a spirit of participation in the patriot Americans by reminding them that they have to be in it to win it. The reign of Obama, according to Americans, led them to mess and now they want a commander in chief, who gives them the pride they deserve.
Sarah says that the Americans love their freedom and that Trump will ensure that they get the freedom to do their job. She assures that Trump is such a leader who will not lie to the family of the fallen and will not leave the wounded warriors behind. She tells the Americans that her own son is in army and that is why she knows better than the other politicians what the families of the soldiers go through. The warriors looked up to Obama but were always disappointed.
She says that Trump will treat veterans in a way that they deserve. They need to have hospitals and clinics nearest to their hometowns so that they do not have to travel 100 miles for good treatment.
Next, she mentions the US sailors who were made prisoners by Iran and were made to apologize. Obama paid millions of dollars to a terrorist nation to get those sailors back. He could not negotiate well with the Iranians. She says that Trump is a multi-millionaire businessman and a very good negotiator.
Talking about Obamacare, she says that Obama receives a blank check every year to fund this foundation and plan parenthood.  He has kept the borders open so that the illegal immigrants can come and snatch our jobs. She says that it is not at all conservative to allow flourishing a generation of republicans, to push Americans into trillions of debt, to not fight back for our solvency and sovereignty.
Unlike Obama, Trump has the guts to put the major issues on table. Other candidates of presidential elections also wear a suicide vest of political correctness. She hails that presidential elections this time are much more than making Trump win. The America needs to be great again.  Trump is a self made multi-billionaire and there is nothing wrong with that. Sarah summons her audience if they are ready to stump the Trump and closes her speech.
Donald Trump takes over the stage and is welcomed with huge cheer. He starts with making the audience visualize the image of American soldiers bent on their knees in the captivity of Iran. The USA had to pay $150 billion dollars to free their men along with an apology for no reason.
He calls out for Oklahoma people to come out on March 1 and vote for him. He exclaims that he is wasting his time if he does not win. The Americans, he says, are sick, tired and angry about what’s going on in America.
He promises Oklahoma that he would come back for those 7,000 people who could not get entry to the place to hear him. And he mocks at the press for not showing correct figures of crowd in his rallies. He again mocks at his competitors, David Petraeus and Hillary Clinton for performing bad in elections. He gives statistics of his victories in various states.
In addition, he mentions that Bush spent $79 in campaigning against Trump. But, he failed miserably. Bush does not have any energy and he cannot fix things. In contrast, Trump says that he spent nothing and he is on the top. Being a businessman, he will not lose $500 billion to China every year. He also mentions the 50,000 factories that quit America because of high taxes.
He lets his people know that America is at #1 in terms of spending on education but stands at #28 where the country stands in performance. the third world countries are way ahead of America in performance. He promises that he will bring up the level of education in the USA.
Talking about the terrible condition of military of America, he says that the days are gone, when America never lost a war. Obama gives a date of departure when he is fighting with a country, which is ridiculous. He gives an example of attack in Paris and assures that he will make sure that they keep the second amendment (which protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms).
He makes a mention of Sergeant Burgdahl, who was a traitor and 9 most wanted people had to be sacrificed to search for him. He says that Iran can buy nuclear weapons with the money they received from America. Trump is mortified when he says that the world does not have any respect or fear for America anymore and he will make sure that their country regains its position.
He disgraces Obama that he doesn’t want to admit and say the word, ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’. He tells the audience that his Muslim friends call him to thank about opening up a dialogue about this. He says that the current leadership has ordered the men on borders to stand back and watch the illegal immigrants cross the borders. But, Trump assures that he will convince Mexico to close the borders and build a wall on their own expense. He terminates his speech by saying that he will allow people to come in, but legally.

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