Donald Trump Election Rally, Des Moines, Iowa

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Thursday, January 28, 2016
Des Moines, Iowa,
Drake University – Sheslow Auditorium

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump skipped the Fox New Debate on Jan 28 to attend a benefit for US veterans held at Drake University situated in Des Moines, Iowa
Donald Trump skipped the Fox New Debate on Jan 28 to attend a benefit for US veterans held at Drake University situated in Des Moines, Iowa. Addressing a big crowd at the university, Trump begins reiterating that Americans need to stick up for themselves and their country.
With his website Donald Trump for, trump claims that he has raised more than 5 million dollars in a single day, which is a grand achievement. He believes that he can make America great again.
On the issue of war veterans, he says that the vets are mistreated terribly, while illegal immigrants are treated much better.
When some protests erupt amidst the crowd, trump claims he love them and is not overly concerned about them, as he gets the biggest crowds, which the press don’t cover properly.
Trump talks about the 500 million dollar deficit in trade with China declaring that China is smart with its politicians doing intelligent trading. He blames the economic debacle on US politicians who he says are stupid to allow such an imbalance in trade policies.
Claiming that while his whole life he had been making money for himself, he wants now to be greedy for the country and wants to turn the economy into a profitable one.
The Iran deal, according to him, is the dumbest deal ever as Iran had bought 140 airbuses and Russian missiles with the money. With the prisoners not being released yet, he says that the money given sets a bad tone for the whole kidnapping and that it is a big disgrace.
The airbuses and missile order paid with US money had been profitable to everyone except the USA. He faults the politicians and the lobbyists behind them, as they stand to gain a great deal from the money given.
Two politicians including Senator Rick Santorum are called up to speak for the veterans and they talk about how the country is obligated to give the best in health care for vets. Rick states that nearly 22 vets commit suicide in a day due to posttraumatic stress disorder and appreciates the money collected for the vets.
Trump then calls up a war veteran John Wayne who speaks for the proper health care being provided for the vets and letting them lead a normal and happy life.
Donald Trump thanks the veteran and mentions that the government’s incompetency has led to the military being decimated. The people are now distrustful of the government and in such a situation Donald Trump, the negotiator and job creator is the need of the hour.
Trump reiterates that the country needs compassionate, strong, and competent leaders, proper health care and a strong military. He wants to protect the borders by building a wall.
Trump ends his speech declaring that the enemy having the better weapons is not going to happen anymore. He says that people are going to win in the border, healthcare, military and on every single level.
Trump thanks the supporters gathered, his family and the veterans saying that it is a phenomenal night and he would do all he can to make America great again if elected.

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