Donald Trump Election Rally, Mesa, Arizona

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015
Mesa, Arizona

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
Donald Trump begins the speech at Meza Arizona saying that he has won most of the debates that he wants to stay away from a debate to just see his ratings tank. After taking potshots at the press for not covering his speeches properly, Donald Trump launches his speech saying that the country is in need of sharp and strong people who will not let America be defeated by ISIS and others.
He mentions that war veterans are horribly treated, which he wants to change for good. He proudly says that his is a tremendous business with very little debt, while the country has over 19 trillion dollars in debt. As an example of the wrong ways the money is used he mentions the gas station in Afghanistan built at 43 million dollars, which doesn’t even sell the right gas.
He claims that with the money spent on one big hospital now, seven good hospitals for veterans can be built. He wants to turn the country into a smart one.
On the Iran deal, he says that while Iran got 150 billion dollars, which they used to buy airbuses and missiles, they didn’t do anything in return. This he blames on bad negotiation of the politicians. The deal has made Iran rich and powerful. They can buy all the nukes they need instead of making them. Trump says that the politicians are stupid by allowing such a deal and moving on to a new negotiation now for releasing the prisoners.
While mentioning Hillary, Trump says she is a disaster and is entirely responsible for the debacle in Libya. He can easily beat her and says that he hasn’t even started on Bush yet. On his popularity, he mentions that almost all magazines have given him good ratings.
Trump wants to end illegal migration for which he is going to build the wall. Trump wall is going to be strong, beautiful and with a big door, that allows only legal entry. The illegal immigration has caused big damage, debt, and economic setback to the country.
Trump wants to rectify all this and bring back business into the country again by tax cuts and other offerings. The big deficits with Japan, Mexico, and China have crippled the country and he says the people need to take back the jobs, trade, and money and bring the country back to its old glory.
In a nutshell, he wants to bring about a change in the gun free zone policy, education system, employment and the economy, make the country safe, and secure with the right health care instead of Obamacare. He signs off saying he is going to make America great again and better than ever.

Want to hear some cool Trumpisms spoken by Mr. Trump himself? Watch the video below that covers some of the great statements and talks by Donald Trump. Post your comments about the video. Make sure to donate some money, even if it is a tiny amount of 99 cents, in order to help the charity for Disabled Veterans, who will benefit from these proceeds

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