Donald Trump Election Rally, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Monday, December 14, 2015
Las Vegas, Nevada

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to a fired up crowd of thousands of supporters at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, NV at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.
Donald Trump speaks to a fired up crowd in Las Vegas. He says the previous 5 months have been amazing and the people have given great support making him believe that it is time to take the country back from the bad state it is in now.
He mentions the Iran deal saying it was incompetently handled. The entire thing has cost the country a lot and he promises that he will review the deal and Hillary’s case too, when he is elected. He believes that the country needs to move away from political correctness, which is killing the country absolutely. The country is being infiltrated by illegal immigrants who come pouring in from across the border.
And the immigrants have been destroying people, killing, raping and torturing them, all of which needs to be stopped immediately. Trump wants Americans to be given priority always. He remarks on the poll ratings and says he is leading in the poll debates, which the press is not revealing, which is very dishonest on its part. But the bottom line is that he will win in all states and with a big margin.
Trump says that what is happening to the country is a big disgrace and has been happening for the past 7 years. He mentions about the illegal immigration and other border issues and is determined to build the wall and have Mexico build it.
He talks about how car companies and factories such as Oreo have shifted to Mexico from the country and wants to put a stop to the situation. Saying that like the Great Wall of China built 2000 years back he would do it and that it could have been done earlier, but has been stopped due to the environmental concerns of the government.
On the economic front, Trump reveals how Japan and China have ripped the USA by flooding the country with their goods and cars making way for a great imbalance in the trade.
Trump declares that for decades USA has been unprepared but he was going to make sure the military is made stronger, powerful, and invincible. He guarantees proper care of veterans and about bringing in a safe atmosphere, wherein the country is ruled by strong, smart, and competent people.
Unlike some of the Republicans who have changed their tune, Trump maintains that he would not change and would do everything possible to make the country great. With Obamacare ceasing to be effective, he promises a better health care policy during his term. He advocates removal of gun free zones and calls the people to be sharp, tough, and smart.
Trump guarantees business will be given the best deals with lower taxes. On education system, he wants the common core of education to be implemented to ensure the country is in top ranking, instead of the 8th position it is in now.
Trump concludes the speech by saying that Hillary is inept and would not solve any problems including illegal migration, and says that only he can give a safe and secure border and economy for the country.
He ends saying that he is going to change the American dream from its dead state to a bigger, stronger, and better dream by making America great again.

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