Donald Trump Election Rally, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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Saturday, December 19, 2015
Cedar Rapids, Iowa,
Veterans Memorial Coliseum

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally at the Veterans colosseum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at the Veterans Colosseum. He starts the speech saying that it’s a long time since Americans had wished Merry Christmas and meant it. He is confident that he would soon make it merry Christmas.
According to Trump, the money spent on the conflicts with countries like Russia is a big colossal drain on American economy. Instead, the amount of money funneled into such conflicts could have been used on strengthening the country’s infrastructure like road, bridges, airports etc., 60 percent of which are in a very bad state.
While speaking about the war with Middle East, he says it has brought about destruction in the equilibrium worldwide. The result of the war in Iraq and the Iran deal is that Iran managed to take the major share of the profits by taking over Iraq, which Americans had taken great pains to defeat. The situation calls for a competent, smart, and effective approach.
Trump mentions that the ISIS attack on Paris is a stark example of how citizens are unable to protect themselves from gun wielding terrorists. The gun free zone and other laws related to gun possession need to be amended for people to defend themselves and their kin. In fact, police are not given the right treatment and power in this aspect.
Illegal immigration is one of the root causes for all the violence that is taking place in public places, schools, parks, shopping areas etc. Hence, it is something that has to be nipped in the bud.
Trump says that the American economy is in a bad shape and can crash anytime with the kind of trade deals the country has been doing with Japan, China, Mexico, and other countries. On top of it, the budget is a bid letdown that can soon turn the country into another Greece.
The kind of economic development that China has seen in the past few decades is tremendous and all of it is because of USA. In return for their efforts, Americans have been deprived of jobs, money, manufacturing etc.
In short, the country is in big trouble. It needs a smart, hardworking, and competent person to put together and build the country into a reckoning force again. And Donald Trump is the person to make America great again.

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