Donald Trump Election Rally, Fort Dodge, Iowa

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Thursday, November 12, 2015
Fort Dodge, Iowa

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Fort Dodge, IA
The video begins with an endorser talking about Donald Trump and other issues being faced by the people of the United States. A legal immigrant from India came to America with the American dream, but was forced to become a taxi driver due to shortage of jobs. Such problems arise due to illegal immigration.
Soon, Donald Trump takes over the stage and starts his speech by reminding the audience of February 1, the day of voting. He gives several examples of countries, where people are punished in different ways for crossing the border illegally. North Korea imposes 12 years of hard labor on illegal immigrants, Afghanistan shoots them, Iran sends them to jail for 8 years, and Canada has a $5000 fund for them. And, Trump mocks at America’s treatment of illegal immigrants- US provides jobs, drivers license, food stamps, housing, child benefits, and in many cases education as well. He wonders why America is going to hell and strictly denounces illegal immigration.
Trump makes a mention of border issues of America. The border patrol is strictly ordered not to do their jobs and let the illegal immigrants enter America. They just have to stand down with their $50,000 equipment in their hands and let go. People lose respect for the army due to such incidents.
Trump is many a times criticized for using the term ‘anchor baby’ for the child of an illegal immigrant. But, he refuses to use this excessively elaborate definition and resorts to the small term he uses.
Mocking at Mitt Romney, Trump says that he has a store which is worth more than Mitt Romney. The statement was criticized but proved to be literally true later.
Trump says that America is going to lose more than $500 billion this year. And, he assures that if he becomes president, he will not let this happen again. And he quotes some successful businessmen who come out to endorse him. Pointing at the crowd for his speech, he says that people gather not for his speech, but because they want a change.
Making a mention of Sergeant Burgdahl, he says that he former was a traitor. Still, Obama sent 5-6 people to look for him and got killed. Before Obama, such traitors would be killed. And now, he is not even jailed due to his mental condition.
Trump shows his book titled, ‘Crippled America’ to the audience. He says that he hates those critics who just talk and do not take any action. He says that he has made worth billions of deals in his business. Thus, he is confident of negotiating with countries like China, Japan, Russia, etc. But, he regrets that he backed Romney in the last polls. He was busy building a 12 car garage just a month before the elections. And he, of course, lost.
He mentions an incident when a woman came up to him saying that she would definitely vote for him but he does not seem very nice. Trump replied to the lady’s statement that it’s not about being nice this time, it’s about competence. He says that he will repeal and replace Obamacare quickly.
He tells the audience about the time when the American army had got hold of Osama Bin Laden, the army general asked Obama about the next step and the latter was clueless. The army finally blew Laden’s base camp and it turned out to be a great job. It proved that there is no dearth of capable men in America but the leadership is poor.
Trump criticizes the current army general for disclosing his plans and strategies on national television. He is oblivious to ISIS and makes a fool of himself internationally. The ISIS gains confidence from the weaknesses of American leadership.
On the contrary, he says that if Trump is asked about his strategy against ISIS, he would rather prefer being quite and tackling them behind the scenes. But, the American media is no less foolish. They force Trump to reveal his plans. And he has to tell under media pressure that he plans to blow the oil wells of ISIS, from where they earn their money. Trump again ridicules Obama for announcing a date to leave Syria. He gave enemy an idea of when they should come back once the American army leaves.
Trump scorns at Hillary Clinton for making garbage of everything she touched, being the Secretary of State to Libya. He says that Hillary is just using her woman card to campaign. Rest, she has nothing to do for America. Even many female voters do not support her.
He also criticizes Obama for building schools in Afghanistan, just to be blown up by the terrorist groups. But, he doesn’t spend money on building schools in Iowa, or New Hampshire. He also gives an example of the current President’s statement when he said that America was sending 50 of their finest military people to Syria. Trump ridicules his announcement, again, saying that he is giving the enemy a chance to get prepared to kick the Americans out once they come. He also says that the enemy is much smarter than they think. They use internet better than Americans. They also employ Americans and send them back to the country to destroy us.
Trump says that he is going to spend a lot of money on American army so that the country is safer than present. He urges that America needs to be so strong that nobody dares to attack them, or kill them.
Trump says that Obama took a bad decision to hand over $150 billion to Iran, without negotiating and also taking much more time than required. He made the terrorist nation even richer.
He asserts that he would build a very high wall along the Mexican border, which could not be scaled by anyone. He also guarantees that Mexico will pay for the border wall. He says that many American companies are leaving for Mexico due to strict taxation policies of the country.
He mocked at Ben Carson for his book, Gifted Hands, which he had written before he decided to run in the elections. He said that he’s got pathological disease. Trump says that such diseases do not have any cure. He also ridicules people of Iowa for believing his lies and voting for him.
To conclude his speech, Trump says that he will rebuild a State of America, that all Americans will be proud of. He says that America is not going to be just great; it’s going to be greater than it was ever been.

Watch the video below that includes some remarkable speech, commentary, and short sentences from Mr. Trump. As Ivanka Trump calls them, these Trumpisms are great to listen. So, watch the video to find out more about them and post your comments in the comment section. Remember to donate some money, starting from 99 cents, as some part of these contributions will benefit the Disabled Veterans charity.

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