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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s press conference at The Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, NDDonald Trumph

Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a press conference in Bismarck, where he answered questions from reporters. A reporter started the barrage of questions asking Donald Trump to comment on President Obama saying that world leaders were rattled about Trump becoming president. Trump replies that many of the countries in the world have been abusing the US in the worst way, and that he would not allow it anymore. He claims that he wants to have cordial relations with the countries and their being rattled in a friendly way was good.

On President Obama criticizing Trump as being ignorant about world affairs, having a cavalier attitude and not knowing how to keep the country safe, Trump replies that Obama had done a horrible job letting other countries take advantage of America. He quips that it was very unusual for the president to keep talking about Trump in every press conference he gives.

Commenting on Obama’s policies, Trump says that Obama has done a bad job and that everything was going to change, when he is elected.

In reply to a question about allowing women more important roles in his government, Trump stresses that he would willingly provide jobs for the competent people and that there would definitely be women in top posts in his government.

On the issue of raising funds, Trump contends that he is raising money for the party’s development. When enquired about releasing his tax report, Trump replies that he hoped the IRS would release it before the election. He says that he has been audited for 15 years and that it is not a new thing for him. In reply to whether he pays his taxes, Trump replies in affirmative.

On the state department report by inspector general about Hillary’s involvement in the emails, Trump states that the report was shocking, harsh and that the emails were a bad judgment on Hillary’s part. When asked about whether he would call for her withdrawal, he quips that she is not in the race yet.

On getting full support for the general election, Trump says that he has received tremendous support from all over the country, even before the campaigning for the general election had begun. In reply to his stand on terrorism, Trump says the country has to be smart and tough and fight radical Islamic terrorism.

On the press asking for a debate between Bernie and Trump, Trump replies that he would do the debate provided they gave him 10 million dollars, as the media had made a lot of money out of the debates and he wants the money for women’s charity.

In reply to energy regulations, Trump maintains that the country has its own energy in plenty. He wants to open the coal mines and introduce other energy generating measures to make the country energy independent. He hits out at Hillary for wanting to shut the coal mines.

Trump says he wants to make the country energy sufficient and also sell the excess to other countries who don’t have the resources.

In reply to the government’s decision about shutting down coal production, Trump maintains that he would not permit it and that he would get the coal companies back to work.

In reply to a question about his stand on TransCanada key stone pipeline project, Trump says that he would allow the pipeline, provided the company pays part of the profits to US. Trump says that this is the way he would make the country great again by bringing in profits in as many ways as possible.

A reporter asks Trump about how he would ensure economic vitality in the country. He replies that he would reduce the taxes and stop the over regulation. He contends that nearly 75 percent of the regulations are bad for the country and should be done away with.

In reply to his action plan for the first 100 days, Trump says he would first make the border strong and stop people from pouring into the country. He also mentions how he will be making the military stronger and better than ever before, so no one will be messing with the country anymore.

Trump maintains that Iraq was a mistake and the way Obama got Americans out of Iraq was an even bigger mistake. Trump says he would protect second amendment, which Hillary was speaking about abolishing. He says that if it is abolished, the country would be back in the Middle East begging for oil.

Trump ends the conference saying he would make the country energy independent using all types of energy present within the country. He mentions that he would get rid of all the restricting regulations and make huge profits by selling energy, so the 19 trillion dollar debt the country owes is paid off, and health care and education and other issues are taken care of properly.

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