Donald Trump Election Rally, Jacksonville, FL

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Saturday, October 24, 2015
Jacksonville, FL

GOP Presidential candidate and current front-runner Donald J. Trump was in Jacksonville, FL today and gave a speech to thousands of supporters at The Landing.
Donald Trump begins his talk by mentioning the American Dream. He says that it is going to be bigger and better. The tax plans of Trump are designed to lower the taxes and make the education system better. He will eliminate the Common Core, unlike Jebb Bush who wants to keep it and source education from Washington. Trump also wants to bring the corporate taxes down to 15%.
He says that the other candidates are controlled by the pacts that they have signed with their sponsors. But, he is funding himself with his own money. Thus, he doesn’t have to give in to the political pressures and he can take firm and better decisions. He criticized Carlson that he wants to run the whole country but he can’t even run his own campaign. Trump has spent the least amount of money and still he ranks #1. America never had a presidential candidate who owned a Boeing. He also mocks at the failure of Obamacare.
Trump grieves that America doesn’t win anymore with any country. And all countries are ripping them apart of their money. America needs to start winning with Japan, Russia, China, Mexico, etc.
It was claimed that Trump would never fill Form A (where you sign your life away) and that he would never reveal his finances. But, he did both and took in his critics.
He quotes the statistics of his remarkable wins in different states of America. The victories are close to even 50% in some places.
He is complained of not being nice for most of the times. He happily takes the criticism and says that people don’t need nice anymore, they need competent.
He quotes some parts of news from the Wall Street Journal and proves them to be false. He says that the Press manipulates every word he says. He also feels bad that one has to be dishonest to be a politician.
He says that sometimes people ask him about how he manages to speak without Teleprompters. Obama doesn’t speak without Teleprompters, nor does Hillary Clinton. He believes that one can speak without help if one has love for people. He doesn’t need to prepare for any speech. He also believes that the candidates should not be allowed to use Teleprompters.
He mentions that he was pleasantly surprised to see that even the Hispanics want a border wall along the Mexican border. It is obvious that people who have migrated to America legally do not want illegal immigrants in the country. He says that half of the 1,900 mile border does not need a wall; it is protected by natural barriers. He talks about the trade imbalance of $400 billion with China. Trump mocks at the fate of America in Obama’s rule that we don’t manufacture anything anymore. We do not see “Made in USA” written on any product. Earlier, products manufactured in Japan, or China, were considered inferior. But now, the position is reversed. Every product we use comes from one or the other part of the world.
He says that currency devaluation is in the trade politics of most countries and they take advantage of it. America doesn’t even talk about it.
He mocks at the fate of Sergeant Bergdahl, a traitor; he is not going to jail because of his mental condition. The military of America is not capable of finishing a terrorist organization like ISIS, which has roughly 60,000 members. That sounds unbelievable to a country like America, which has a grand military base. He says that his competitors like Hillary, are not capable of combating these issues either. But, Trump is. Audience jeers at the name of Hillary. Hillary has been unresponsive to hundreds of calls when she was needed the most in the past. Trump mocks that he should rather run against Hillary.
He mentions that many corporations like Oreo are leaving the USA and the leaders are letting them be. Washington is in total gridlock because there is no leadership.
He mocks at the irony that China rebuilt their country with the money of America and that they have smart leaders who can deal with the stupid leaders of America. Trump says that very smart people have endorsed him and that he will not let anybody down.
He concludes his speech by assuring that the American dream will be bigger and better than ever before.

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