Donald Trump Election Rally, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Friday, September 25, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oklahoma State Fair

GOP Presidential candidate and front-runner Donald J. Trump gave a campaign rally at the Oklahoma State Fair today. The event drew thousands and even included a special guest, Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty.
This campaign by Donald Trump is held in an open ground at Oklahoma State Fair. Trump starts his speech by saying that the position of America as a world leader has been destroyed in the past few years. America is just spending money on defending nations that do not need it and that too for free. The USA is getting nothing in return. America needs to start wining again.
He says that the problem of illegal militants in America is a mammoth and can be solved only by building a wall along the Mexican border. He will make sure that Mexico pays for it since he claims to be a good negotiator. He points at the wall behind him and calls it peanuts compared to what he is going to build. He also jeers that the border patrols are told not to do their jobs and let the illegal immigrants in. He says that America does not get along well with Russia, Japan and China; still everyone rips them off their money.
He mentions Mitt Romney, whom he supported in the previous presidential elections but he was busy building his car garage just a month before the caucus. He disappointed Trump and many others. Thus, he decided not to take a chance this time and run for the presidency himself. His family showed faith in him. He mentioned that he is winning in every state of America.
He says that the Press used to claim that Trump would never sign Form A and would never disclose his finances. But, he did both and outwitted his competitors and everyone else. His financial statement was 100 pages long.
He is complained by many that he is not a nice person. He says that he might not be nice but he is competent. He laughs that CNN is making a lot of money because of him.
He criticizes Obama that he gave away the taxpayers money to a terrorist nation, Iran to spread more terror. He could have negotiated hard but he didn’t. He didn’t even cope with the nuclear deals well.
He criticizes the Press that statements were made against him when he didn’t speak much in a debate. He laughs and says that he was not asked a single question in the last 27 minutes and that he didn’t think it appropriate to interfere unnecessarily.
Sometimes, Trump calls a few people for saying a few words. At one occasion, he mentions his school of study, the Wharton School of Finance.
He Trump says that countries like Mexico are taking the jobs of America and the leaders of our nation are happily letting it be.
He makes s major point when he says that when other candidates are funded by people, they are controlled by many pacts. And, that is why, they cannot take major decisions. They have to pay the worth of money spent on them. But Trump says that he is a self funded candidate and he can’t be forced to do anything that is not right for America. He doesn’t owe any money to anybody. He also says that he turned down his salary.
Trump grieves that the veterans of America are treated badly but the illegal immigrants are given all facilities. He says that he is going to replace Obamacare with something 20 times alive than that since the premiums of the former are going up by 50-60% every year.
He boasts that even Hispanics and African Americans are supporting him.
He asserts that he is going to win and make America great again.

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