Donald Trump Election Rally, Dallas, Texas

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Monday, September 14, 2015
Dallas, Texas

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Dallas Texas as part of Fox Business Debate warmup
Despite being in an area with a large Hispanic population, which is a demographic that Trump has been struggling to make inroads into after his comments on the Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapist, the Dallas rally has a record turnout of 20,000 people.
Trump while starting his speech mentions about how the speech was first scheduled in a ballroom of with a capacity to seat 500 people and later upgraded to the arena holding 30,000 people making it the largest ever-public response to a primary candidate. Trump mentions about his winning the polls and that the victories here after are going to be amazing.
Trump is concerned that the country doesn’t win anymore. He says the president doesn’t know what he is doing anymore. People would do better with low taxes. Corporates are paying too much by the way of taxes while the middle-income group is decimated with them.
He says that his campaign is the only self-funded campaign and that what he is doing has become a movement, which he is sure of winning. He speaks about how funding the campaign would not bode well for the candidate. He declares that people need a leader with tremendous energy, passion, and one who is good at making deals and most importantly closures.
He promises to get back the trillion dollars of American money that is in other countries. Trump points out that the low taxes and low labor makes the other countries big attraction for people who want to spend money. He has the kind of deal that would bring back the money into the country.
He promises illegal immigration will be done away with quickly and fast. What is happening in the country is disgusting and it is becoming the dumping ground for the entire world. On the other hand, Trump says that top students from Yale and Harvard are being sent back to their countries, which should not be so. He says that they are needed in the country.
Trump mentions about the trade deal with China and Japan and Mexico, which has put the country in big deficit. He mentions the Iran deal, and about how it is a big disaster. He claims that global warming is not the biggest threat as claimed by Obama, but that it is nuclear global warming that people have to be concerned about.
Trump is confident that he is a great negotiator and can negotiate with the smartest and toughest people, while at present what the country has are incompetent negotiators who have made the country end up in big deficit with China, Japan, Mexico and others.
On Mexico, Trump says he will build the wall, one that people cannot easily jump over but can pass legally. And more importantly he will make Mexico build the wall.
Regarding Obamacare, Trump says he is going to repeal it, replace it, and get something great as the only people who benefit from it are the insurance companies. He is confident of getting good health care, which is cheaper for the country.
He wants to make the military strong, powerful, and modern, and treat the vets properly. He wants to get rid of the ridiculous regulations that are keeping the country from becoming a great force and invites everyone to be part of the movement to take back the country and make it great again.

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