Donald Trump Election Rally, Dubuque, Iowa

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Thursday, August 25, 2015
Dubuque, Iowa

GOP Presidential Frontrunner Donald Trump gives a speech at a campaign rally in Dubuque, IA.
Trump launches his speech in Dubuque with the high ratings he had received in most of the states and in the national polls and quips that if elections were held immediately he would definitely win. He informs the crowd gathered on how he had refused the lucrative apprentice show on NBC to run for president.
Trump talks about how China is draining the nation’s resources, job, money, manufacturing, and other fields, while America had helped rebuild China with American money. He mentions how the bad representatives of the country had led the country to owe money to China, Japan, Mexico, and other countries. According to him, the Chinese leaders are too smart for the American leadership.
While Trump supports free trade, he says it will do the country good only in the hands of smart negotiators and not when the leaders are incompetent and don’t know how to make a deal. He says he is disappointed that the politicians are all talk and no action. To get great deals and make America rich again, Trump says the country needs strong, smart, and competent negotiators.
Trump mentions the Ford plant and Oreo plants, which are being shifted to Mexico and promises that if he wins, he would get them back into the country.
Trump fires up when he talks about the increasing debts and the lack of employment. Students who have borrowed educational loans find it difficult to repay the loans because all the jobs are taken up by China and Japan.. To reverse the debt of the students and the country too, the only way is to make good deals with these countries, so the jobs are made available.
He mentions how South Korea is the leading supplier of television sets, which are not made anywhere in the US. And south Korea makes a fortune from the sets, while the country has a big trade deficit due to the bad deals we make. He claims that the situation is the same with countries like Japan, Germany, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia and others.
Trump declares that the US is spending lots of money in protecting these countries, while its veterans are treated poorly and have to wait in a long line for proper health care. Trump also mentions how if he wins he would strengthen the military so much that no one would ever use it.
The country has spent so much money on Iraq and Afghanistan, but with Iran taking over Iraq and China benefitting from the oil in Iraq and the minerals in Afghanistan, the entire Middle East deal had ended up badly for the country, making it go into more debt.
Trump reminds the people how much of a disaster Obamacare is, which has to be repealed. He says the country is a great one with tremendous potential and all the problems can be solved when the right leadership is present.
The racial divide, illegal immigration and other critical issues that have spread hatred all over the country need to be solve and the country unified. He says the country needs new jobs created so it is made bigger and better.
Trump ends the speech saying that he is going to win and get the smartest, toughest, and best people to represent for the country and make it great again.

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