Donald Trump Election Rally, Oskaloosa, Iowa

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Saturday, July 25, 2015
Oskaloosa, Iowa
George Daily Community Auditorium.

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Iowa. Donald Trump delivers remarks at his “Make America Great Again Rally & Picnic” in Oskaloosa, Iowa. This is the same event that Trump banished the Des Moine Register from attending on Friday, after the paper issued an editorial critical of the 2016 GOP contender’s campaign.
In the Iowa Campaign rally held on July 25, Donald Trump enthuses over the huge crowd and the beautiful cornfields saying Iowa is a terrific place. He launches his speech with a full-blown attack on Hillary saying she is under investigation officially for the mails and questions her running for the office of president. He cannot understand how she can be the favorite candidate for the masses.
Trump then takes up the situation over the border saying that many families in the country have been affected by illegal immigrants. He says that people are coming into the country from places other than Mexico too and that it is a situation, which would have been avoided, if the leaders in the country had been competent. He dubs the country’s leaders as incompetent and dummies, and claims the Mexican leaders are much smarter.
Trump maintains that drugs come in from Mexico and because of the drug influx the country loses money and is further affected by the drugs that spread all over the country. He resolves to stop illegal immigration and put up proper borders. He wants to speed up the immigration process to prevent illegal immigration.
And according to Trump, most of the illegal immigrants are people that Mexico doesn’t want. They are rough people who roam around the country killing people randomly.
On the imbalance in trade with China, Trump says that while the country had helped rebuild china and make it prosperous, it had affected the country badly. He blames the leaders on doing bad negotiation and that the leaders in China are smarter.
Trump is concerned that the country doesn’t win anymore, as it was a long time since Americans had scored over China or Japan in a trade deal.
He mentions how Japan is sending over cars in huge numbers freely and profiting from it while Americans send Japan wheat, which is not a good trade at all, and that the cattle that is sent over is often rejected by the Japanese. Trump has a solution for this imbalance. He says that the country should allow Japan to send in the cars by 20 percent only, which is the amount of goods that is sent over to Japan.
Trump reiterates that the country needs tough and hard negotiators and not nice negotiators for trade deals with China and Japan. And while talking about Ford plant being shifted to Mexico he claims that because of the bad negotiation all the jobs and money are going to Mexico and he has a solution for this too. He claims that if he wins he will charge every vehicle 35 percent, which will force the company to shift its plant back to the USA.
Trump says that what the country needs is strong negotiation. He talks about how the devalued Chinese currency has cost business and money for the nation.
On the Iran deal, Trump claims that instead of giving away 150 billion dollars, the leaders should have doubled the sanctions and had the prisoners released. He is convinced that the leaders in Iran are smart negotiators.
On the way veterans are denied proper health care, Trump declares that the VA is the most corrupt office in the country. He says that the waiting list to consult with a doctor is so long, which he can change if he is elected.
Trump finishes his speech declaring that the America Dream is dead but he is determined to make it bigger, better and stronger than ever before, if he is elected president. He promises the crowd that he would make America great again.

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